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Employee Acquisition Analytics: Helping Businesses Leverage Analytics for Smarter Hiring Decisions | Quantzig

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, announces the addition of new services to its advanced portfolio of employee acquisition analytics solutions. Quantzig’s employee acquisition analytics capabilities cover various aspects of employee management, including- Employee Profiling, Recruitment Profile Selection, and Diversity Compliance Tracking.

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With business complexities increasing globally, today, the stakes are higher. Hence there is a greater emphasis on developing data-driven tactical recruiting approaches to acquire and retain the right talent. Talent acquisition, unlike the other HR processes, plays a crucial role in filling skill gaps within an organization. Instead of just focusing on filling a requirement, employee acquisition analytics helps align the company’s strategic goals with the requirements for the new position.

Drawing on our rich experience in the field of HR analytics, we focus on integrating the best practices to drive continuous process improvements when it comes to acquiring and retaining new talent. Speak to an analyst to know more.

How Can Quantzig’s Employee Acquisition Analytics Solutions Help You?

Employee acquisition is not an easy task considering the complexities in today’s highly regulated business world. As such, the hiring processes are becoming increasingly complex for organizations looking to recruit new talent. Though analytics plays a crucial role in addressing this issue, businesses are generally unaware that data-driven approaches can deliver meaningful insights into the human resources department to improve business outcomes. Whether it is process optimization or an increased understanding of the impact of talent acquisition on the outcome, Quantzig offers holistic employee analytics solutions that act as a dominant force in the quest to recruiting top talent. By empowering businesses with the insights to make crucial hiring decisions, our solutions help analyze factors that make an employee successful, acquire and retain top performers, and identify and fill skill gaps. Take a look at the complete portfolio of Quantzig’s employee acquisition analytics solutions here:

A unique mix of data science capabilities and technology expertise is what sets us apart, making us the most preferred HR analytics service provider globally. Our solutions also help businesses to drive impactful outcomes by-

  • Leveraging data mining and pattern recognition to enable best-fit recommendations to derive tangible insights from employee data
  • Implementing interactive dashboards and visually impactful reports that make it easier for companies to track their adherence to diversity goals and evaluate the performance of different groups across the employee’s lifecycle
  • Correlating employee demographics, past performance, and behavioral traits to identify the profile who is likely to be successful within the organization

Why Partner with Quantzig?

With a huge clientele, which ranges from CEOs to BU heads to stakeholders of Fortune 500 companies, we have played an active part in improving business outcomes globally. Our expertise and domain knowledge also reflects in the number of projects we’ve worked on and the results that have prompted businesses to engage with us on an ongoing basis, making us the most preferred analytics partner for leading businesses. With more than 15 years of experience and a dedicated team of 550+ analysts and data science professionals, we have a proven track record of helping businesses across North America, Europe, EMEA, and APAC leverage employee acquisition analytics to drive better outcomes. Request a FREE proposal to gain detailed insights into our engagement policies.

About Quantzig

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