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Enable Fonts Everywhere with Latest Version of Monotype’s Mosaic

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Monotype today introduced the latest version of Mosaic, a solution that enables creatives to easily prototype and use 14,000 battle-tested desktop fonts in their favorite creative applications, while eliminating the time-consuming steps most enterprises face when managing and deplying fonts. The company also introduced a new Mosaic Preferred service which provides customers with in-depth support and expertise to optimize use of the platform.

New features of Mosaic largely fall within three categories including: improved font discovery, enabling fonts everywhere and enhanced third-party font management.

Discovery – View and prototype with the full character set

With Mosaic, in-house and agency creatives have unlimited access to more than 14,000 fonts. They can simply select a font and start prototyping – eliminating wasted creative spend, unnecessary design cycles and the frustration of not having the perfect design for a project.

For IT and Procurement professionals, this removes the time and complexity of worrying about licensing and usage, and the tedious process of checking and double checking EULAs.

New features include:

  • Standardized sub-navigation bars to complement and simplify search;
  • New filtering options, and the ability to search for specific inventory; and
  • Icons to specify the source (foundry) and rights for each font.

Enable Fonts Everywhere

With a single click, Mosaic now enables creative users to install and immediately use both Monotype and third-party fonts in any creative application.

IT and Procurement professionals can now control the deployment and usage of type across enterprise and partner agency networks. Mosaic also offers the ability to determine which individual creative users are allowed to install fonts, while new remote deployment and proxy support allows for the syncing of Mosaic and third-party fonts across individual workstations.

Third-Party Font Management

Customers can now bring all licensed fonts into Mosaic to sit beside Monotype’s library of 14,000 fonts, enabling customers to manage their entire font inventory within one application.

Mosaic provides IT and Procurement professionals with visibility into font sharing and usage so they can ensure teams are using fonts according to their licensing requirements. Additionally, Mosaic eases the headache of dealing with multiple, disparate font storage and tracking methods, while reducing the time and cost of maintaining different systems to manage all of an organization’s font inventory.

New features include:

  • The ability to upload and manage third-party, non-Monotype desktop fonts, store license account information and track installed fonts;
  • The option to grant or revoke access to individual and third-party fonts—to both teams and specific users;
  • An improved dashboard offers tracking of font installations for individual fonts and flags accounts on any over-usage so customers know when it’s time to purchase more licenses or curtail access to certain users; and
  • A simple way for large organizations to control font distribution and management among divisions and subsidiary companies.

Support Features

Starting today, all Mosaic customers get basic support functionality such as digital onboarding, chat and email support, access to the Mosaic knowledgebase and an introductory training.

Mosaic Preferred Service

Monotype now offers a Preferred Service package that maximizes the value of Mosaic across an organization. Features include:

  • Standard support (chat, email support, digital onboarding and intro training)
  • 1:1 multi-session training & onboarding
  • Phone support
  • Response time SLA
  • Consulting time with the Monotype Studio
  • Developer support for web font implementation
  • Assigned Success Manager
  • VIP event access to Monotype Brand Day and Brand Talks events
  • Quarterly customer success check-ins
  • 99.9% uptime SLA

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