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Encamp is Giving Women in Environmental Health and Safety a Stronger Voice

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Encamp, an end-to-end environmental compliance platform for the Environment Health and Safety (EHS) sector, has announced its new Women of EHS initiative to let women throughout the EHS industry tell their stories. As a forum, the initiative will let women in all areas of the EHS field discuss aspects of their careers and other environmental and societal issues they’re passionate about. And with the following topics among many on the discussions list, the responses promise to be as candid and illuminating as they are inspirational.

● How and why did you get into the environmental field?

● What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?

● Share your thoughts on the future of EHS…

● How can the EHS space improve for women?

● What advice would you give to other women who choose EHS as a career?

The Women of EHS initiative will feature an ongoing series of personal profiles, blogs, videos, and webinars, all to be posted at

A greater voice

According to Safety + Health magazine and its 2020 EHS Salary Survey, women currently make up just 19% of the EHS workforce in the U.S. Results of the survey, conducted in conjunction with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), were compiled from more than 9,200 respondents and published in the magazine’s November issue.

Encamp launched its initiative in part to encourage more women to explore EHS as a career. The goal is also to give a greater voice to women who are already leaders in the industry. Of the female respondents to the Safety + Health-BCSP survey, 23% are directors, managers, chiefs, or department heads, and another 36% directly supervise other staff. The average tenure of women in the EHS field is 13 years.

“We need more women and diversity in the industry and in executive roles,” said Jaime Geil, a Senior Environmental Scientist at Encamp and one of the early contributors to the Women in EHS series. “Women need to feel like they can speak up and should be a part of decision making. We have to give women a seat at the table and space to thrive and excel in this industry.”

Agreed, Jaime. That’s why the time is right for Women of EHS to be heard.

About Encamp

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