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Encamp Selected as a Nominee in Three Categories For TechPoint’s Mira Awards Honoring “The Best of Tech in Indiana”

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Encamp, which offers a first of its kind environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance software product that combines data management and environmental compliance reporting automation via the cloud, has been nominated as a finalist in three categories for TechPoint’s 2021 Mira Awards.

TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, recently announced the nominees for its 22nd annual Mira Awards program presented by Salesforce. This year’s program received a record-breaking 211 total entries across 13 award categories.

Award winners will be announced during TechPoint’s virtual live broadcast, Thursday, April 22, 2021.

The Mira Awards is the state’s largest and longest-running technology excellence and innovation recognition program, and the annual gala celebrates the “The Best of Tech in Indiana.” Last year, an estimated 5,000+ people watched the gala’s first-ever virtual live broadcast.

This year, 122 companies, universities, organizations, and individuals have been selected to advance as award nominees. All nominees are chosen by the Mira Award program’s panel of independent judges. Encamp is nominated for Scale-up of the Year as well as Tech Product of the Year, while Encamp co-founder and CEO Luke Jacobs is a final nominee for the 2021 Rising Entrepreneur Award.

Each of these award nominations reflect Encamp’s growth, ongoing innovation, and leadership.

  • Scale-up of the Year – Recognizes high-growth, innovation-driven companies that provide tech products or services, are gaining traction and could be Indiana’s next big success stories.
  • Tech Product of the Year – Acknowledges highly innovative and ground-breaking tech products that burst onto the scene or achieved a major milestone in 2020.
  • Rising Entrepreneur Award – Highlights a class of passionate and creative entrepreneurial leaders thriving in Indiana.

Encamp was formed in 2017 and introduced its SaaS-based software to the EHS industry in 2018. By early 2019, more than 100 companies were using Encamp to manage and automate the way they file critical environmental compliance information to state, local, and emergency response agencies. TechPoint initially recognized Encamp’s success when it named the company New Tech Startup of the Year in the 2019 Mira Awards program.

In mid-2020, Encamp released an upgraded and far more powerful version of its software to appeal to larger enterprises and make environmental compliance reporting even faster, easier, and more accurate across organizations. For the EHS industry, no other environmental compliance solution has yet to match Encamp’s capabilities and rapid time to value.

Since launching publicly in August 2018, Encamp has grown dramatically, including more than 800% in 2020. Encamp also successfully expanded up-market in 2020, closing 11 Fortune 1000 customers and several Fortune 100 customers. The company, which is already the largest filer of Tier II hazardous material inventory reports in the U.S., continues to position itself as an emerging EHS market leader.

“As a company, everything Encamp has accomplished at this stage is beyond our wildest imagination,” said Luke Jacobs, Encamp’s co-founder and CEO. “To be recognized by TechPoint and the Mira Awards program in 2019 as New Tech Startup of the Year was a tremendous honor. Now, to be nominated for both the Scale-up of the Year and the Tech Product of the Year, it’s an even stronger testament to our entire team at Encamp and what they’ve continued to accomplish and believe in.”

Encamp’s success is also what prompted Jacobs’ nomination for the 2021 Rising Entrepreneur Award.

More about TechPoint and the Mira Awards program

This year’s Mira Award categories include: Tech Product of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Service Partner of the Year, Investor of the Year, Rising Entrepreneur Award, Tech Education Award, Community Impact Award, Exceptional Employer Award, Startup of the Year, Scale-up of the Year, Large Enterprise of the Year, Pandemic Pivot of the Year (200 employees or fewer), and Pandemic Pivot of the Year (more than 200 employees),

Award nominees were selected by 52 independent judges who evaluated and ranked applications from a total of 211 entries across the 13 award categories. The 211 entries are the most ever submitted for the Mira Awards program. In early March, nominees will present their cases and be interviewed by judging panels, after which the judges will select the winners following deliberations. Judges include company founders, CEOs and presidents, CTOs, CIOs, and other community leaders and subject matter experts.

Nominees include individuals, community organizations, investors, education institutions, cities, and tech employers with remarkable achievements in the prior year. In aggregate, the 53 company nominees that provided data employ more than 18,600 people in the state of Indiana and represent nearly $8.54 billion in annual revenue. Also represented are newly launched startups and fast-growing scale-ups that achieved three-digit and even four-digit percentage revenue growth in calendar-year 2020.

“The Mira Awards perennially celebrate remarkable growth and achievement by Hoosiers across our tech community. This year’s nominee stories also demonstrate inspirational and remarkable creativity, resilience, and persistence amidst the challenges of a pandemic,” said Mike Langellier, president and CEO of TechPoint. “We invite Hoosiers across the state to tune in (to our virtual live broadcast) the night of April 22nd to hear these stories and celebrate with us.”

The 2021 Mira Awards nominee class is the most diverse in the program’s 22-year history with 36% of all nominees (44 entries total) being women, people of color, immigrants or more than one of these intersectional groups in an owner, founder, or CEO/president role.

About Encamp

Encamp was formed in 2017 and introduced its SaaS-based software to the environmental, health, and safety (EHS) industry in 2018. While the company’s workforce is fully remote, Encamp is centered around Indianapolis, Indiana, with employees across the country. Encamp’s nearly 200 customers and the facilities they operate are also located throughout the U.S.

In 2020, Encamp realized revenue growth of more than 800%, the most significant jump in its brief history. Encamp also made successful strides in its aim to expand up-market by closing 11 Fortune 1000 customers and several Fortune 100 customers. Already the largest filer of Tier II hazardous material inventory reports in the country, these gains continued to strongly position Encamp as an emerging EHS market leader.

By way of innovation, Encamp is a first of its kind EHS compliance software product that combines a powerful data management system and EHS compliance reporting automation. The SaaS-based Encamp platform lets companies and their EHS teams replace inefficient, difficult to use point systems, spreadsheets, and legacy Environmental Management Information Systems (EMIS) to manage compliance data for regulated facilities.

With implementation in days or weeks and much lower operational costs, the Encamp platform provides a single intuitive command center for Tier II hazardous material inventory reporting. As a central portal for automated report submissions in all 50 states, Encamp also bypasses the complexity of state-level reporting systems that remain non-standardized from state to state.

In mid-2020, Encamp upgraded its platform to increase onboarding capabilities and allow businesses to effectively access state and federal regulatory requirements information for all their facilities. Enhanced facility compliance profiles, a more intelligent compliance calendar, “built in” regulatory documents and fillable forms, and integrated facility mapping were among additional improvements.

About TechPoint

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