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Encore Drive-In Nights Partners with Hollywood-Based MetaMedia to Redefine the Future of Music Experiences With Live-streamed Concerts at Outdoor Venues Across North America

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Encore Drive-In Nights, the company that is pioneering the most innovative ways to enjoy live entertainment, announces a partnership with MetaMedia, one of the fastest-growing entertainment technology companies in the world, to offer live-streamed concerts at drive-in venues across North America in 2021 and beyond. Thanks to the new partnership, Encore Drive-In Nights is building upon its successful 2020 event series, which featured exclusive concert films from Metallica, Garth Brooks, Kane Brown, Blake Shelton and others.

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By supporting live-streamed concerts, sports and other events, Encore Drive-In Nights and MetaMedia will now enable millions of fans to enjoy best-in-class live programming at 300+ drive-in and outdoor venues across the continent this year. Recently, Encore Drive-In Nights also partnered with professional mixed martial arts league Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to air its marquee UFC 257 which featured the highly-anticipated rematch between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. The UFC fight was the first live-streamed event for Encore Drive-In Nights, and the MetaMedia technology ensured fans across America enjoyed a flawless stream of the fight.

Encore Drive-In Nights and its exclusive network of hundreds of outdoor venues have activated a completely new audience of fans who are not traditionally reached by touring routes of the biggest stars. Fans across the country are searching for innovative ways to enjoy live experiences amid the pandemic and beyond, and now they have the opportunity to experience the biggest events on the biggest stages without having to leave their communities or pay high ticket prices.

“People will always seek new experiences and our model allows fans to enjoy live concerts and sports outside of the traditional arena setting, which will last long after we’re past this virus,” said Encore Live CEO Walter Kinzie. “This partnership will enable millions of fans who generally don’t attend large live shows to safely experience some of the biggest performances on earth, live, once they return. UFC 257 was a great test case for us, proving that MetaMedia’s live-streaming content delivery technology is the best in the business regardless if a venue is in a suburban area with strong internet or rural area with limited cell reception. We just can’t wait to kick off our 2021 season!”

”During the most challenging year in modern history, Encore Live made it possible for hundreds of thousands of music fans to safely gather outdoors across North America to enjoy the communal experience of watching performances from the biggest stars in music,” said Jason Brenek, CEO of MetaMedia. “MetaMedia is honored to support Encore in 2021 by expanding its entertainment programming to include live-streamed music and sports, and bring people across the world some much-needed joy and connection.”

Covid-19 has resulted in the cancellation of an untold number of live events. Debuting last summer, Encore Live’s innovative drive-in model proved to be a safe, enjoyable alternative for fans. Between June and September, Encore Live’s events safely entertained more than 900,000 fans, proving to be one of the few options that allowed entertainers to reach fans at scale. MetaMedia, the world’s first commercial cloud-based content delivery platform for cinemas, drive-ins and other out-of-home venues, will expand Encore Live’s ability to deliver to significantly more outdoor venues across the country this spring. For more information about Encore Drive-In Nights and upcoming acts, visit

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Encore Drive-In Nights showcases the world’s most iconic stars and live experiences with performances for drive-in venues and outdoor venues across North America and around the world. From the safety of your vehicle, you will enjoy an exclusive experience under the night sky. Drive-in. Rock out.

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MetaMedia is an entertainment technology company that creates next-generation technologies and new revenue-generating opportunities for content producers and cinemas. MetaMedia created and launched the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ the first global, cloud-based distribution platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the MetaMedia Entertainment Network TM provides for the secure, rapid and cost-effective delivery of movies, trailers, advertisements, live-streamed events and other big-screen programming to cinemas, drive-ins, arenas, and other out-of-home venues. MetaMedia is headquartered in Los Angeles. For more information, please visit