Press release

Endace to Present, Exhibit at SharkFest ’19

Sponsored by Businesswire

Network recording, traffic playback and analytics hosting authority Endace
will be demonstrating its packet capture and analytics solutions at
three upcoming conferences in June:

  • Palo Alto Networks’ Ignite ’19 (Booth 1010, June 3 – 6, in Austin,
  • SharkFest ’19 (June 8 – 13 in Berkeley, California),
  • Cisco Live! (Security Partner Village Booth 1529-G, June 9 – 13 in San

Below are details on presentations and participation at each show:

Alto Networks’ Ignite ’19:

Visit Endace at Booth 1010 during Ignite ’19 to learn how EndaceProbes
integrate with Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Firewalls and
Panorama to provide full insight into the traffic on your network and
give you the ability to quickly and confidently respond to security

(@sharkFest_2019 / #SharkFest):

See Endace at SharkFest, to learn how Endace and Wireshark work together
to drill deep into your network traffic so that you can troubleshoot,
capture, investigate and analyze packet data.

Presentation on June 11 at 11:00am: How Long is a
Packet? And Does it Really Matter?

Endace CTO Stephen Donnelly will present an introductory-level
discussion about Ethernet and IP networking with a focus on packet
length, bandwidth and debugging issues, and how to use Wireshark and
your packet capture system. Dr. Donnelly will discuss factors that can
affect reported packet length, how to define, measure and report
bandwidth, and how to prevent network concerns that can be caused by
packet length issues.

Endace to sponsor esPCAPe, the Sharkfest Group Packet Capture
Challenge, on June 12:

Wireshark users from around the globe will test their skill levels
racing against the clock to find answers in an “Escape Room” themed
packet capture contest, crafted by Sake Blok, a member of the Wireshark
Core Development team. #esPCAPe


Visit Endace at Booth 1529-G to find how EndaceProbes integrate with
Cisco Firepower and Stealthwatch and deliver 100% accurate packet
recording at speeds of 100Gbps and beyond. Endace will also demonstrate
how you can augment your SIEM for quick and confident threat
investigation and resolution.

Presentations on June 10 4:45pm and June 11 at 2:30pm: Why
Network History Has Become Crucial for Threat Hunting and Breach

Michael Morris, Endace Director of Business Development and Technology
Alliances will discuss how threat hunting can allow organizations to
detect and respond to threats earlier to prevent or mitigate their
impact. This session will explain how network packet history provides
greater confidence in investigation outcomes and ultimately delivers
better security; why SecOps teams are integrating network packet history
with Cisco Firepower and solutions such as Splunk and IBM QRadar for
faster, more conclusive workflows; and how network packet history
dramatically increases SecOps’ productivity.