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Endavo Launches the First Video Distribution Automation™ Platform

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Endavo Media & Communications, Inc., an innovative Atlanta-based software company building OTT and multi-channel platforms, announced today the launch of its innovative Video Distribution Automation™ platform. The exciting launch comes in tandem with the new addition of Torrey Veney, as its Director of Technology. After a decade at the forefront of the digital content industry, Endavo announces a new release of features rebranding their offering as a Video Distribution Automation™ (VDA) platform. This new term aptly describes the combination of OTT optimization, creator self-distribution and MCN into one powerful solution.

Endavo’s VDA™ platform is now integrated with Youtube and Vimeo’s API and allows creators to log into Endavo and actively manage their YouTube channel and Vimeo page directly from the platform, without having to also upload to these popular creator platforms. Users can also create video clips and schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, while also managing social video campaigns, all without leaving the platform. Endavo just announced the ability to syndicate channels or a custom playlist with multiple external networks, such as VEWD, PlutoTV, Video Elephant, UnReel and Roku Direct– providing creators with the power to grow their viewership across the digital landscape from one central platform.

Paul Hamm, CEO of Endavo, said: “Along with the disruption of TV and film distribution, we’ve also seen a disruption in content creation. Original video creators are everywhere, in every community. Recognizing a paradigm shift in creation and distribution, we wanted to build the ultimate creator and creative community platform for the OTT era. Video Distribution Automation is the realization of our vision.”

“Self-distribution is the exciting direction digital content is heading, and I am thrilled to join the company leading the industry,” says Torrey Veney, Director of Technology at Endavo. “More and more creators need an outlet that empowers them to reach and engage with a global audience effortlessly. With our VDA platform, we partner with the content creators and a diverse universe of distributors to do just that, in a way that no one other company is offering.”

In addition to the distribution and streaming capabilities, the company’s VDA™ platform includes diverse revenue building opportunities for users outside of the standard packages offered by other online video platforms, including a la carte channel subscriptions, sponsorship, crowdfunding, pay-per-view live, rentals, waterfall ad packages, and more. The best part, if users have a healthy revenue stream coming from partners like YouTube or Vimeo, they don’t have to abandon this income to work with Endavo’s VDA™ platform. Ultimately, Endavo is designed to help YouTube and Vimeo stars of the world further promote their content by maintaining their native audience while also growing new ones on their customized platform backed with an innovative strategy for growth and revenue generation.

“Creators need to be empowered to build their content their way, and have the freedom to monetize exactly how they want to,” says Hamm. “Endavo is the premier — and only — platform that allows creators and communities to define their rules to take their content to the next level in a customized way. Other platforms out there force creators to give up control. We don’t want to do that — we want creators to control their brands and reap the benefits of their hard work. This way, our creative communities are richer, our stories are better, and our creators can reinvest in their passion.”


Founded in 2008 by Paul Hamm, Endavo is headquartered in the Atlanta Tech Village, with additional locations in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Uruguay. Endavo is the ultimate Video Distribution Automation™ (VDA) platform providing distribution, enhanced discovery, and development services to creative communities looking for new opportunities to showcase their creators, brands, and changemakers. Through Endavo’s turnkey platform, hyperlocal organizations and niche communities can empower storytellers to define new cultural identities, expand their community content and brand “over the top” to engage with audiences on a global scale. Find out more at

Our platform also powers Endavo Digital Networks, a new class of multi-channel network (MCN) that uses VDA™ to enable turnkey digital content management, channel activation, OTT distribution, and various OTT models. We partner with digital networks and content creators to help build their digital communities by providing go-to-market services and integrated marketing and engagement tools. For more information, please email or call 877-843-7242.