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EnergyX Solutions is Unlocking Energy Savings for Southern California Public Utilities

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Canadian SaaS company EnergyX Solutions is making waves in California this year. Their MIT award-winning online energy audit MyEnergyXpert is now being utilized by three public utilities in the state of California: The City of Colton Electric Utility, Azusa Light & Water and Imperial Irrigation District. Customers in these regions now have the tools to understand their energy consumption, connect to rebates and take action – all from the comfort of their homes.

California has become an energy efficiency leader, using ambitious performance standards to keep energy bills low, even as the per-unit cost of energy increases. Their efforts are being validated by some impressive success metrics, such as a decrease in both energy and carbon intensity.

EnergyX’s expansion into California kicked off with a partnership with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) in early 2019. SCPPA provides collaborative advocacy, value-added services, and joint procurement to enhance operational efficiencies and increase savings for its members. By providing these services the member utilities the utilities are able to maintain or lower electric rates through energy efficiency. The partnership unlocked huge potential for Californians, as SCPPA serves more than 5 million customers and represents 16% of California’s power consumption.

“SCPPA Members’ continued focus on energy efficiency created an opportunity to utilize one of the best online platforms available to help their customers improve the efficiency of their homes,” stated Mike Webster, SCPPA’s Executive Director. “Three SCPPA Member Utilities are utilizing the MyEnergyXpert tool through a contract with SCPPA, and additional Members could elect to use this tool going forward.”

For California Utilities looking to engage their customers in energy efficiency, the partnership was a timely development. EnergyX’s AI-powered software technology determines how a building is using energy and identifies ways it can improve its overall performance. This helps utilities meet their commitments to drive customer engagement, program uptake and achieve environmental targets related to carbon emissions and air quality.

“Providing the City of Colton Electric Utility customers more ways to understand their energy use is important, and we’re excited to be offering an online tool to help them understand their energy costs and take action” said Adrianne Rogers, Senior Energy Services Specialist for the City of Colton Electric Utility.

“Azusa’s MyEnergyXpert platform was configured to meet the unique needs of our customers.” said Manny Robledo, Director of Utilities for Azusa Light & Water. “We are already seeing traffic on the platform and thrilled to see our customers taking the first steps toward engaging in energy efficiency programs.”

In conjunction with the successes in Colton and Azusa, Imperial Irrigation District is also in the final stages of platform configuration and will be going live with MyEnergyXpert in the near future.

“I am incredibly excited about the work we are doing in California in partnership with SCPPA.” said Nishaant Sangaavi, CEO and Founder of EnergyX. “California is pushing the dial on energy efficiency, and we’re thrilled that EnergyX has become a trusted partner to help utilities and customers achieve their goals. We’re looking forward to working with more of SCPPA’s member utilities and other utilities across the state in 2020.”

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