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Engagio Named #1 Global Winner on Account-Based Marketing Vendor Matrix Released by Research In Action

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Engagio, the leader in B2B marketing engagement software, was named the No. 1 global winner on the Vendor Selection Matrix™ for Account-Based Marketing, SaaS and Software, released by Research In Action. Engagio ranked first on the matrix, among the Top 20 Global Vendors, primarily selected by the technology research company’s unique survey-based methodology for comparative vendor evaluation. More than 45,000 data points were collected in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 from 1,500 business and IT managers in a combined telephone and online survey.

“Our Vendor Selection Matrix is an important tool, providing useful information for B2B marketers,” said Peter O’Neill, Research Director, Research In Action GmbH. “In our survey, the breadth and depth score of Engagio’s solution was the highest of all the 20 vendors, and the company emerged as the perceived market leader for ABM based on a number of factors.”

The top 20 vendors of Account Based Marketing SaaS and Software solutions, selected by the survey respondents, were all evaluated. At least 60% of the evaluation results were based on enterprise and SMB buyers’ survey results. Analyst opinion accounted for a maximum of 40% of the evaluation results. The evaluation results and forecasts were based on customer and vendor feedback, publicly available information, triangulation, as well as analyst opinion.

Engagio earned high marks for the breadth and depth of its B2B marketing engagement solution, market share and growth, customer satisfaction, and price/value ratio. The company also scored high for its strategy, including vision, innovation and partner ecosystem, viability and execution capabilities, and differentiation.

Last week, Engagio announced new solutions to help Marketing and Sales departments work as a team across account journeys to win new business and drive customer growth. Engagio Orchestrate is a new product that enables revenue teams to design and automate high-impact plays across channels such as advertising, sales engagement, marketing automation, direct mail, and CRM. It is the first and only ABM solution that enables companies to target people, accounts, and buying groups at every stage of the account journey.

“With the rise of ABM and the increasing importance of Sales and Marketing alignment, Engagio is leading the industry with the next generation of marketing engagement software for B2B companies, combining the automation and scale of demand gen with the precision and relevance of ABM,” said Jon Miller. “We are thrilled to have emerged as the top vendor in the industry as a result of Research In Action’s in-depth survey and vendor analysis.”

The report also highlighted a number of market trends, including top investment areas in ABM for B2B companies over the next year are 1) increasing the quality of leads processed by their marketing system, 2) enabling sales staff to better understand their target buyers, 3) migration to SaaS platform, and 4) system performance and responsiveness.

Research In Action GmbH is a leading independent information and communications technology research and consulting company, providing both forward-looking as well as practical advice to enterprise as well as vendor clients. Peter O’Neill is most known for his 12 years of service at Forrester Research as an industry analyst where, most recently, he directed all Forrester’s research on B2B Marketing organization, process, and automation topics.

Join Jon Miller and Peter O’Neill on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 10 a.m. PDT for a lively webinar discussion about ABM technology evaluation, the Vendor Selection Matrix™, and Engagio’s placement. Register at:

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Engagio is transforming the way that B2B revenue teams win new business and drive account growth at scale. With today’s increasingly non-linear buyer journeys, traditional handoffs from marketing to sales no longer work, and companies need to redefine how marketing and sales work together at every stage of the account journey. Built by the experts that built Marketo, Engagio’s B2B Marketing Engagement software helps more than 240 companies to combine the best of lead-based marketing and account-based marketing (ABM) and empower their marketers and sellers to work as a team. Customers include Atlassian, Anaplan, Snowflake, Pendo, New Relic, TrendMicro, and Vonage. Backed by leading venture investors and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Engagio earned a 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall MarTech Solution and was named as one of the Top 10 Best Small Companies to Work For in the Bay Area. To learn more, visit