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Enterprise Gaming Canada Inc. and Bermuda Island Games Announce Partnership to Explore Blockchain-Based In-Game Digital Assets

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Enterprise Gaming Canada Inc. (EGI) has announced a partnership with Bermuda Island Games (BIG), an award-winning Bermuda-based gaming studio, to explore blockchain-based in-game digital assets using EGI’s proprietary in-game blockchain technology.

With BIG, EGI is expanding its reach into the gaming market, which will be valued at over $159 billion in 2020 according to Newzoo. Global Trade Mag has identified the next revolution in gaming as blockchain, and Ubisoft has taken the lead as the AAA publisher pursuing the advancement of blockchain technology in their games portfolio using Ultra.

“Blockchain has been a boon to many industries that lacked accountability and transparency. Its unique capacity to bring authenticity to digital objects has been proven through projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptokitties,” said Pascal Leblanc, CEO of EGI. “Blockchain solves some of the major problems in the gaming industry today when it comes to the idea of digital in-game valuables and exchange. We’re committed to helping our adoption partners, such as BIG, grow as standalone studios while becoming front runners in this upcoming era of gaming.”

Adrian Lodge, CEO of BIG, commented, “Our EGI partnership is perfectly timed, as they give us the capability to explore adding digital collectables and the facility for exchange among our gamers to our upcoming games through their technology. Our long-term goal is to continue to expand the video game development industry in Bermuda, and we see the exploration of this technology as core to achieving that goal.”

About Enterprise Gaming Canada Inc.

Enterprise Gaming Canada, Inc. has developed a proprietary in-game engine that allows game publishers and developers to offer blockchain-based digital collectables to their users and the ability for their users to trade those collectables using in-game currency. Brands can develop and place branded digital collectables in-game that gamers can purchase and trade using in-game currency.

About Bermuda Island Games

Bermuda Island Games is an indie (independent) game development organization which operates as a division of parent company Supatone Ltd. Bermuda Island Games is the first pure-play video game publisher based in Bermuda, and is executing on its long-term goal to develop a widespread video game development industry in Bermuda.