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Enterprise-Ready Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Simplifies Deployment and Strengthens Protection for Virtualization

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In direct response to enterprises’ demand for resource-effective and scalable virtualization security, Kaspersky today announces a new, enhanced version of Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent, now part of Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security. Available through the Kaspersky Security Center console, the enhanced version of the hybrid cloud security solution optimizes protection rollout for large-scale virtual machine deployments and simplifies security management across an entire infrastructure.

The new Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent allows customers to deploy protection to up to 100,000 virtual servers and desktops without sacrificing performance or losing control and visibility over virtualized infrastructures.

Protection for Windows Servers now includes the same security feature set as in Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, including Exploit Prevention and Behavior Detection that enables the detection of the most sophisticated and unknown threats while still maintaining the performance benefits of a light agent.

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent also offers an advanced mechanism of Security Virtual Machines (SVM) discovery and selection, enabling greater flexibility for light agents which allows faster and simpler security deployment, more reliable failover and better automatic load balancing. Enhancements have also been made for administrators as they can now automate deployment and configuration of new Security Virtual Machines using hypervisor deployment capabilities via API.

In enterprise organizations, permissions are typically assigned to specific roles, not individual employees, who can share responsibilities to perform specific security-related tasks. With this in mind, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) within Kaspersky Security Center is now supported in Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent, streamlining virtualization security management which remains essential for large organizations with diverse teams and infrastructures.

Kaspersky continues to widen its integration of Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security with virtualization platforms in order to allow customers to access the security solution on the virtualization platforms they most often use. The existing platform support is also broadened with VMware NSX Tags support that allows automated response to specific events based on a VM status.

Additionally, for customers who already use or want to deploy an advanced level of attack detection and response technologies, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent is fully compatible with Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response.

As many analysts have predicted, cloud infrastructure in business is growing, allowing organizations to save resources and operate more efficiently,” says Andrey Pozhogin, senior product marketing manager, B2B Product Marketing at Kaspersky. “Cloud security allows businesses to scale up like never before, but also poses a challenge for IT security managers as they need to keep all parts of their infrastructure secure without slowing systems down. Our Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent does just that by introducing an essential level of manageability and scalability in tandem with our tried and true proven security features.

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