Press release

EOC, Affordable Thermal IP Camera for Temperature Monitoring

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EOC has released a low-end consumer type thermographic IP camera named
TW8060-DT. EOC’s Thermal Imaging IP Camera is a state-of-the-art
solution for fast and accurate fire prevention, energy management and
power outage management by measuring the temperature of an object in a
non-contact manner and monitoring and managing it remotely over the

Specifically, TW8060-DT was designed for consumer use. With supporting
WiFi network and a mobile app, users can easily access the thermal video
and check the ambient temperature in real-time.

On the mobile app named ‘ThermalViewer’, users can configure both the
maximum and minimum temperature alert setting. Even though the app
doesn’t run on smartphones, it supports push alarm notifications.

Fire detection is a conventional warning method based on conventional
fire detection sensors and intelligent solutions based on general image
analysis. Both methods have a high false alarm rate of over 10%, which
is a problem.

The thermal imaging camera adopts a temperature data-based fire
detection process that minimizes the influence of field conditions such
as illumination, humidity, and dust generation so that the false alarms
are remarkably low.

EOC’s Entry-Level Consumer Type Thermal Camera TW8060-DT has the
following features:

  • Supporting both surveillance and thermography function
  • Real time monitoring from anywhere/anytime with smartphones
  • Alarm for motion / temperature change
  • Compatible with pre-installed security system (ONVIF)

EOC’s ThermalViewer:

  • Image Capture
  • Color Palettes up to 4 (Normal / Rainbow / Combo / B&W)
  • Health care & fire prevention
  • Temperature Spot Display (Center / Hottest / Coldest / Off)
  • Temperature Sections up to 5 (Default / Animal / Indoor / Dynamic /

EOC Co., LTD is a manufacturer and developer of IP cameras for video
security and thermal infrared images. EOC stands for Eye on Cloud, and
it contains the most advanced video security based on the network. We
will continue to focus on creative research and development to become a
leading company in the global video security field and do our best to
grow into a global company that aims to satisfy customers.