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EPC to Showcase High Power Density eGaN® FETs and ePower™ Stage IC in Customer Applications at PCIM Europe 2020 Digital Days

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The EPC team will be delivering three technical presentations and participating in two panel discussions on gallium nitride (GaN) technology and applications at the upcoming PCIM Europe 2020 Digital Days, July 7 – 8. In addition, the company will participate in the event’s virtual exhibit, showing its latest eGaN FETs and ICs in customers’ end products that are rapidly adopting eGaN technology.

In the virtual exhibit, EPC experts will be available to discuss eGaN devices in several applications including: high performance 48 V DC-DC power conversion for advanced computing and automotive applications; high power nanosecond pulsed laser drivers for lidar used in autonomous vehicles; and precision motor drives for robotics and drones.

Technical Presentations and Panels Featuring eGaN FETs and Integrated Circuits by EPC Experts

  • Stream 1: Si and GaN Integration

    A Low Voltage BLDC Motor Drive Inverter Using a Monolithic GaN ePower Stage

Presenter: Michael de Rooij, Ph.D., Brandon Perez, Yuanzhe Zhang, Henry Qiu

Schedule: Wednesday, July 8th, 11:05 am Central European Time (CET)

  • Poster / Dialogue Sessions (PP140)

    GaN FET-Based Ultra-Thin DC-DC Step-Down Converter

Speaker: Jianjing Wang, Yuanzhe Zhang, Michael de Rooij

Schedule: All Day, July 7 – 8

  • Poster / Dialogue Sessions (PP144)

    300 W 48V-12V Digitally Controlled 1/16 Brick DC-DC Converter Using GaN FETs

Speaker: Yuanzhe Zhang, Michael de Rooij

Schedule: All Day, July 7 – 8

  • Panel Session

    Power GaN: Past – Present – Future

Speaker: Alex Lidow

Schedule: July 7th, 12:00pm (CET)

  • Panel Session

    GaN Devices – the Game Changer

Speaker: Alex Lidow

Schedule: July 8th, 12:45pm (CET)

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About EPC

EPC is the leader in enhancement mode gallium nitride-based power management devices. EPC was the first to introduce enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon (eGaN) FETs as power MOSFET replacements in applications such as DC-DC converters, wireless power transfer, envelope tracking, RF transmission, power inverters, remote sensing technology (lidar), and class-D audio amplifiers with device performance many times greater than the best silicon power MOSFETs. EPC also has a growing portfolio of eGaN-based integrated circuits that provide even greater space, energy, and cost-efficiency.

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