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EPIC Announces the Cancellation of the Reverse Stock Split and that Tensleep Financial Corporation Has Discontinued EPIC’s Business Operations

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EPIC Corporation (OTC PINK: EPOR) (“EPIC” or “Company”) and Ronald S.
Tucker announced that, “EPIC has cancelled the reverse stock split and
that Tensleep Financial Corporation, its Parent Company, has
discontinued EPIC’s business operations.”

EPIC’s Lack of Capital

Ronald Tucker is the President of both EPIC and Tensleep Financial
Corporation (“Tensleep”) (EPIC being a subsidiary of Tensleep). Mr.
Tucker, as the President of both companies, has enlarged the original
concept for creating a cryptocurrency into a Virtual Monetary System
that pairs a crypto with precious metals to create EPIC Digital Dollars

The EPIC Monetary System to succeed must have substantial capital to
purchase precious metals and to advertise and attend trade shows. EPIC
has limited funds and is unable to provide the infrastructure required
to support the creation of the EPIC Monetary System. Therefore, it
cannot continue its business operations. The nature of EPIC’s past
businesses will not enable it to raise capital. It is not and never has
been a finance or financial company, and neither EPIC nor Tensleep have
ever been able to raise capital for EPIC.

Tensleep Financial Corporation

Tensleep is a finance and Financial Services Company that has been
funding and is able to continue to fund the infrastructure necessary for
the development of the EPIC Monetary System and initiate limited sales
of precious metals for conversion to EDDS for a limited period of time.
During this limited period of time EPIC will be seeking to find a
financial partner that will provide substantial capital that can be used
to purchase precious metals and more importantly to advertise, attend
trade shows, and provide EDD Members with funding to purchase good and
services with a national currency secured by their EDDs.

EPIC Capital Reorganization

Whether Tensleep can raise capital for the EPIC Monetary System or not
within a short period of time, EPIC will undergo a complete capital
reorganization. The nature of the capital reorganization will be
determined at that time.