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Equilar Provides Access to the World’s Most Connected Network Through Snowflake Data Marketplace

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Equilar, the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions, has established a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to provide three new data sets in the Snowflake Data Marketplace: People Business Intelligence, Equity and Compensation, and Executive and Director Relationships. Through these data sets, Snowflake users can access the World’s Most Connected Network — the Equilar database of more than 400,000 public companies, one million executive profiles and 100 million person-to-person connections.

Collectively, the Equilar data feeds represent the next generation of executive, social and governance contact data, enabling users to centralize business intelligence and maximize returns on client research, CRM and sales outreach. More and more, business development leaders, including investment managers and corporate sales teams, are using “people data” to understand the performance and effectiveness of corporate leadership. Equilar data helps them go beyond surface-level information in public filings to conduct in-depth reviews of individual executives and board members.

“The growth of digital networking has created unique opportunities for business development teams to discover genuine relationships with corporate leaders and influencers,” said David Chun, Founder and CEO of Equilar. “With our industry leading database of over 100 million person-to-person connections, users generate an immediate ROI by uncovering ways to engage with key decision makers through their network.”

“The Equilar data sets provide comprehensive relationship, human capital and DE&I data,” said Matt Glickman, VP of Customer Product Strategy, Financial Services Industry at Snowflake. “As our customers look for ‘people data’ to discover trends, Equilar’s seamless data integration with Snowflake Data Marketplace can help them accelerate these initiatives.”

Snowflake Data Marketplace gives data scientists, business intelligence and analytics professionals, and everyone who desires data-driven decision-making, access to more than 500 live and ready-to-query data sets from over 140 third-party data providers and data service providers.

The Equilar data feeds provide a 360-degree view of C-suite executives and board members:

  • People Business Intelligence: Track career history covering public, private and non-profit companies, biographies, education, skills, ethnic and gender demographics, compensation and wealth.
  • Equity and Compensation: Review executive compensation and incentive metrics to identify upcoming vesting of equity awards and compensation changes, equity transactions, and “money in motion” liquidity events.
  • Executive and Director Relationships: Identify network connections and relationship strength between your teams and key decision makers.

Visit Snowflake Data Marketplace for more information and to explore the Equilar data sets available.

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