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Era of Inspirational Investment begins with ESG Analytics from NetworkFinancials’ TROVA Data Platform

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NetworkFinancials, a Silicon Valley based FinTech Startup announced availability of ESG Data Analytics capabilities for investment community. ESG Investment is a way of investing based on the performance of companies with respect to Environmental, Social and Governance metrics. ESG factors have an important role to play to evaluate performance of company stocks with global impact.

“We are thrilled to bring ESG analytics to the investment community with two key differentiators. We bring new investment research perspective as an industry outsider. And TROVA is built ground-up to solve a producer-consumer centric problem,” said Debi Prasad Sahoo, the Founder and CEO of NetworkFinancials. “Our ESG objective is to empower and inspire a broad spectrum of investors to embrace ESG Investment to make the world better apart from achieving their investment goals,” he added.

TROVA ESG Data Analytics is NetworkFinancials’ approach to ESG investment. TROVA uses proprietary method for generating insights to create a new product to analyze and quantify data for various companies based on a broad range of metrics leading to ESG performance benefits.

TROVA ESG Advantage

Investment Research traditionally is more focused on quantitative data with financial metrics which may not suffice to make better investment decisions. Secondly, the qualitative data generally available is subjective and biased since not automated. And datasets related to ESG are not standardized. TROVA ESG Analytics addresses these problems by automating quantification of qualitative ESG datasets based on multi-dimensional metrics with growth opportunity. And presenting analytics in a visually appealing format for better understanding of the ESG investment landscape.

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TROVA is a cloud-based high-performance Investment Data Platform from NetworkFinancials. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), it simplifies investment research and inspires to make better investment strategies with higher confidence by providing faster access to better actionable insights.

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NetworkFinancials Inc is a San Jose, California based FinTech startup. It empowers investment community to stay well-informed with actionable insights to make better investment decisions with high confidence through TROVA Platform.