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Era Software (formerly EraDB) Announces $15.25 Million in Series A Funding and EraSearch Cloud to Modernize Enterprise Data Management

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Era Software, the company that created EraDB to help enterprises manage hyperscale, cloud-native workloads, today announced the close of a $15.25 million Series A round led by Playground Global. This brings total funding raised to over $22 million; Playground Global is joined in this round by existing investors Foundation Capital, Array Ventures, and world-class angel investors. Era Software will use the capital raised to further accelerate product development, grow the team, and expand use cases. The company also today announced a private beta of its EraSearch Cloud product to bring its transformational log management technology to organizations as a managed service. Prior to its Series A, Era Software was known as EraDB, which will remain the moniker for the company’s novel time-series architecture.

“Playground Global is excited to partner with the team at Era because we believe that managing the ever-expanding data workloads of the future will require continual innovation at the infrastructure level,” said Peter Barrett, a founder and general partner at Playground Global who has joined the board at Era Software. “With this group of experienced executives and their deep technological insights, we are confident that the company will be an innovative force in the data infrastructure market.”

Era Software CEO blog post: Announcing Our Series A Led By Playground Global

Today, organizations are moving to modern, cloud-native architectures and are also faced with managing gigabytes, terabytes, and petabytes of new data every day. To help these organizations make sense of these exploding data volumes, Era Software has pioneered its EraDB architecture and is introducing verticalized products to support specific data workloads. On Feb. 10, the company launched EraSearch, a product for log management that is focused on helping companies move away from their expensive and complex Elasticsearch deployments. EraSearch can help these organizations reduce their hardware and operational costs.

No stranger to the world of time-series data, Era Software co-founder and CEO Todd Persen was previously a co-founder and CTO at InfluxData, where he helped engineer the InfluxDB time-series database. Now, Todd and the team at Era Software are creating tools to deal with the challenges of managing large volumes of data, with a particular focus on data that is becoming increasingly complex. In general, high-complexity data — including high-cardinality and high-dimensionality data — is emerging at a rate that far exceeds what traditional databases can handle. As a result, organizations are forced to pay exponentially-increasing costs for clunky, ill-designed, unscalable, and expensive solutions that not only put unnecessary tension on operating margins, but require a growing level of engineering infrastructure to manage.

“This is a huge milestone for us as a company and validation of the products that we’ve built. We continue to hear from businesses of all sizes that are looking to embrace a new generation of storage technologies like EraSearch that can deliver an easy-to-manage experience with a low TCO. We look forward to our new partnership with Playground Global and the opportunity to help enterprises manage and extract valuable insights from their ever-increasing data volumes,” said Persen.

EraSearch Cloud will allow companies to easily deploy log management infrastructure that is less complex, more performant, and extremely cost-effective even for long retention durations. By improving on a traditional decoupled storage and compute architecture, EraSearch is able to provide lightning-fast access to logs in real-time, while ensuring that durable copies of data always live within object storage, such as on Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), Google Cloud Storage (GCS), or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Available now, EraSearch dramatically reduces cloud hardware and operational costs. EraSearch benefits companies of all sizes regardless of their data volumes.

EraSearch Cloud is available in private beta. To get started with a free 30-day trial, sign up for the waitlist and reach out to our customer success team at

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