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ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions Chosen to Sell Powerful Breach Assessment Tool by Lumu

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ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity solutions company, announced today that it is partnering with Lumu to offer customers an AI-powered Continuous Compromise Assessment tool.

The Lumu product systematically collects and analyzes a wide range of network metadata sources for confirmed indications of compromise in real-time. It provides immediate, actionable intelligence on compromises by geography, network segments, device, domains, critical assets and more.

“Lumu offers organizations the visibility they need to protect their organizations,’’ said Silka Gonzalez, founder and president of ERMProtect. “IT executives understand what’s going on in their networks and, in the event of a breach, shorten the detection time from months to minutes. We believe in the product so much we use it to protect our internal infrastructure.’’

“Designing and executing cybersecurity strategies takes tons of time and money, but how do we know what’s actually working?” said Ricardo Villadiego, Lumu founder and CEO. “Lumu helps customers understand what’s offering protection and what isn’t – based on factual, compromise data. With this knowledge, strengthening an organization’s defense has never been easier.”

ERMProtect will re-sell Lumu products as well as use the Lumu Insight product for specific engagements to help clients be more proactive regarding security incidents and breaches.

To kick off the partnership, Lumu and ERMProtect are sponsoring the Illumination Virtual Summit at 11 a.m. on July 16th featuring Lane Bess, former CEO of Palo Alto Networks; Bruce Schneier, renowned security technologist and best-selling author; and Monica Puig, tennis pro and Gold Medal winner, to discuss how a precise response makes all the difference in cybersecurity and tennis. The event is 2.5 hours, with limited registrations.

To register or learn more about the Illumination Virtual Summit, click here.

About ERMProtect

ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions helps businesses improve their cybersecurity posture, comply with regulations governing sensitive data and train employees to avoid phishing attacks. Services include Information Security strategy, cybersecurity compliance assessments, remediation, digital forensics and Security Awareness Training. Founded in Miami, Florida in 1998, the company has served 400 clients globally in 35+ industries. Learn more about ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions at

About Lumu

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Lumu is a cybersecurity company focused on helping enterprise organizations illuminate threats and isolate confirmed instances of compromise. Applying principles of Continuous Compromise Assessment, Lumu has built a powerful closed-loop, self-learning solution that helps security teams accelerate compromise detection, gain real-time visibility across their infrastructure, and close the breached detection gap from months to minutes. Learn more about how Lumu illuminates network blind spots at