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ERMProtect Cybersecurity Solutions Launches Stingray, An Automated, Simulated Phishing Tool

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ERMProtect, a leading cybersecurity firm, today launched Stingray, an easy-to-use, fully automated phishing simulation tool that helps organizations harden their defenses against phishing attacks.

Developed by top cybersecurity experts, the tool sends simulated phishing emails to employees to test in real-time their ability to detect all kinds of cyber threats. Over time, employees learn to recognize phishing attempts so they can protect themselves and their organizations.

“ERMProtect continues to focus on innovation to help organizations and individuals address the human vulnerabilities impacting information security,’’ said ERMProtect President Silka Gonzalez. “Very few firms are positioned as we are to serve as a client’s full partner in IT security, from training, to IT security strategy and assessments, to implementation and remediation and digital forensics,’’ she said.

Stingray by ERMProtect features built-in email templates and landing pages that can be used to test employees. These include realistic-looking emails from HR, Intranet sign-in pages, retail sign-in pages and so on. Organizations can choose campaign types, difficulty levels, target groups and timing of campaigns. They can also build customized campaigns.

Stingray can be purchased as a standalone tool or integrated into the ERMProtect Security Awareness Training product, said Michelle Miller, ERMProtect Chief Operating Officer. The training product features 100+ animated cartoon videos and games that teach employees how to identify when they are being targeted by hackers, so they become part of a company’s cybersecurity defense.

Gonzalez said Stingray is yet another milestone in the 21-year history of her company. “After spending more than two decades in the field helping clients shore up their technical defenses, we are now well-positioned to help them address the serious vulnerabilities posed by human behavior,’’ she said, noting that 1 in 4 data breaches results from human error.

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