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ETFLogic Announces the Logicly Portfolio Coach, an AI-Powered Decision-Support Tool for Advisors, Allowing Customized Portfolios and Monitoring at Scale

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ETFLogic, the leading ETF technology company and global provider of ETF data and analytics is announcing its pre-release of the Logicly Portfolio Coach.

Portfolio Coach simplifies advisor’s day-to-day workload around portfolios: by keeping portfolios aligned with a policy and generating alerts around important portfolio measurements and metrics that matter. The Portfolio Coach Timeline provides a historical view on when and why portfolio decisions were made, providing a clear audit trail for compliance monitoring and Reg BI.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Emil Tarazi, the CEO of ETFLogic said, “Today, advisors spend over a quarter of their time on portfolio management. With the Logicly Portfolio Coach, that time can be reduced down to a fraction, all while providing unique and tailored portfolios to clients.”

With the Logicly Portfolio Coach, advisors can connect their portfolios through a growing number of integrations and continuously monitor and set notifications on any investment policy measurement such as risk and volatility, tax alpha opportunities, income and yield, ESG metrics and warning flags. Advisors can deep-dive into their portfolios and understand which positions are contributing to performance and make changes to rebalance and optimize for better results.

To register your interest in this pre-release of the Logicly Portfolio Coach or to schedule a demo, please reach out to ETFLogic on

About Logicly

Logicly is a resource for financial advisors to streamline investment analytics and portfolio tools for financial advisors. Since launching in January of last year, Logicly has built over ten different analytics tools and recently expanded from ETFs to single stock and mutual fund coverage. Financial advisors interested in using Logicly can request a free trial of the platform at

About ETFLogic

ETFLogic is the leading ETF technology company, providing analytics and portfolio tools to ETF issuers, institutions, and financial advisors to provide better transparency and education throughout the ecosystem. Started in 2017 by former market makers and traders, ETFLogic has developed solutions for the global ETF ecosystem to provide greater transparency and simplify complex quantitative processes. Our solutions include our web-based Logicly analytics platform, in addition to customized ETF datasets and custom built analytic solutions. ETFLogic is headquartered in New York City, but operates at a global scale across North American, European, Australian, and Asian markets. For more information about ETFLogic, go to