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Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services Partners with RTS on Cargo Revenue Management and Pricing Solutions

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Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services, Africa’s largest cargo operator and multi-award winner, has partnered with RTS on Cargo Revenue Management (Velocity) and Pricing (AcceleRate) Solutions.

Raja Kasilingam, President of RTS remarked, “We are delighted to welcome Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services to our rapidly growing cargo community. Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services is our first cargo customer in Africa and we are quite excited to partner with Africa’s largest cargo operator on multiple solutions to improve network wide profitability.”

Mukundh Parthasarathy, Senior Vice President for Revenue Technology Services chimed in, “We are super pleased that Ethiopian picked Velocity and AcceleRate to automate revenue management and pricing. At the rate at which Ethiopian Cargo is growing, the solution would be instrumental in automating the revenue and pricing management.”

Fitsum Abady, MD Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services stated, “We are very optimistic that having Revenue Management and Pricing system will help us to maximize revenue by utilizing the available capacity for high yield cargos. This revenue maximization would be achieved using an automated decision-making system that would be accurately forecasting cargo capacity by flight and a price range for evaluating pricing requests. It also helps allocate capacity to the appropriate products in such a way that maximizes profit. “

About Ethiopian Airlines Cargo

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services is the largest cargo network operator in Africa and one of the major global cargo carriers with a modern warehouse of 1million tons storage capacity. It provides freight services to its global customers in over 57 global destinations in Africa, the Gulf, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It has been one of the vanguards of the global cargo business serving customers with its 12 dedicated freighters including 10 Boeing B777-200LRF and 2 Boeing B737-800F. Besides, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has recently reconfigured its passenger aircrafts to boost cargo capacity and provides essential services at a time when they are desperately needed.

Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services operates with a state-of-the -art cargo terminal, which is the largest in Africa. Its cargo service is fully automated with one of the latest Cargo IT systems by adopting the latest aviation systems and technologies to provide efficient freight service across the globe. It uses the latest technologies for data, information and market intelligence with 100% e-AWB from its main hub in Addis Ababa.

In the strategic road map of Ethiopian – Vision 2025, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services envisions to be a full-fledged profit center with annual revenue of US$ 2 Billion, 19 dedicated aircraft, 62 global freighter destinations and annual tonnage of 820,000 tons. With Vision 2035, It targets to increase revenue to $2.87billion, and destinations to 70 with 24 fleets.

About RTS: Revenue Technology Services (RTS) offers solutions and services that help our customers to increase their margins, improve their customer experience, enhance productivity of their employees, and support their growth. RTS is aimed at the Airline, Cruise Ferry, and Rail verticals that include business analytics, software solutions, consulting and operations research capabilities, technology services and IT development support. RTS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in London- UK, Cape Town -South Africa and Chandigarh- India. To learn more about RTS, please visit