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Eventistry by Alecia Launches New Company Branch, ‘A Different Way,’ Providing Canadians a Space to Heal With Virtual Memorial Services

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Eventistry by Alecia today announced the launch of “A Different Way,” a new company branch aimed to provide Canadians a place to grieve with family and friends through the use of virtual services. Developed during the early stages of the pandemic, the latest division focuses on transforming the planning, production, and management of online funerals and ceremonies.

“We know the last year has been difficult and that many are still waiting to gather and remember loved ones,” says Alecia May, Founder and CEO of Eventistry by Alecia. “We want families to know there are options to bring support networks together – your grief doesn’t need to be delayed. Virtual services allow for connection between family and friends across all corners of the country, or even the globe.”

With over 16 years of experience in Event Production and Management, Eventistry by Alecia has produced over 800+ events and brings a level of professionalism and expertise needed during life’s delicate moments. Using familiar platforms such as Zoom, A Different Way assigns each client with a dedicated Event Management and Production Team to capture the all-important details while delivering an easy guest experience.

“We aim for each experience to be user-friendly while still providing the options you would find at an in-person event. Many often choose to add eulogies, slideshows, or video components – we’ve even had some clients include live performances! The assumption is that virtual ceremonies are less personal, but we have found that’s not the case. Even the simple addition of a communal toast can provide a feeling of togetherness.”

Options like breakout rooms, where guests separate into small groups with the choice to move freely throughout several different ‘rooms’, are made easy with production staff handling all functions and controls.

“It’s important we make these difficult moments easier for guests and that the use of technology doesn’t distract or take away from the service,” explains Alecia May. “Our hope is families can focus on healing and grieving the loss of their loved ones, without feeling the need to postpone until restrictions are lifted across Canada.”

About Eventistry by Alecia

Eventistry by Alecia (EBA) is an Award-Winning Virtual and Hybrid Event Management Agency specializing in creating cutting-edge digital events. With over 16 years of industry experience, EBA has produced over 800+ events worldwide with the mission to educate entrepreneurs through disruptive education, online programs, and coaching. To date, EBA has procured over $7.5 million in event sponsorship, supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners in landing deals from a number of notable companies across North America.