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Everee Announces Geotagging That Allows for Time Tracking Accuracy and Employee Privacy

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Everee, a flexible payroll platform, announced today it has launched geotagging functionality as part of its integrated time tracking. Unlike other time clock geofencing that tracks an employee’s location to make sure they stay within an approved area, Everee’s technology simply tags employees’ locations when they clock in and out. Managers can view a map that shows time punch locations by date range or employee, reducing time clock fraud without the invasive tracking.

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Example of Everee geotagging (Graphic: Business Wire)

Example of Everee geotagging (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Geofencing can seem creepy and cause employees to feel like there’s a lack of trust, which can really damage morale,” says Brett Barlow, Everee CEO. “On top of the invasion of privacy, traditional geofencing causes problems when the approved perimeter isn’t accurate or employees need to clock in somewhere out of the norm, as is often the case with so many people working remotely right now.”

Traditional geofencing tracks an employee’s location and pings managers when they attempt to clock in or out outside of the approved virtual fence. It can prevent employees from clocking in when errors or inaccuracies occur, causing managers to have to reconcile hours after the fact.

“It often creates unnecessary noise for managers,” says Kyle Jacobsen, Everee Chief Product Officer. “Our customers have told us they would turn off geofencing entirely when using other payroll providers because of how inaccurate it was. We built an experience that works for them and their employees.”

Employees can clock in and out using their mobile phones or at a terminal at their work location. Integrated time tracking is just one of the mobile-friendly experiences from Everee, which also allows for mobile manager verification and payroll administration. The combination of these features eases the burden of reconciling hourly employees’ time and provides enhanced accuracy, allowing administrators to approve payroll quickly and with confidence. Everee also gives employees the opportunity to choose to get paid daily, weekly or on demand.

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Everee is a flexible payroll platform. Started in 2018 by financial leaders who were tired of outdated payroll software, Everee’s platform includes an embedded timeclock, mobile app, automated payroll runs and simplified manager verifications. Its Pay Your Way feature boosts employee happiness and retention by allowing people to choose to get paid daily, weekly or on-demand when they need it. For more information, visit