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Everseen Appoints Former Coles and Walmart Executive to Lead Product Innovation

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Everseen, the Visual AI™ company driving profitability for the world’s largest retailers, today announces the hire of Josh Osmon as Vice President of Product Management. Osmon will work directly with Everseen’s retail clients to tailor the company’s Visual AI applications to their specific needs, as well as incorporate both common and emerging use cases into the product roadmap.

Osmon joins Everseen from Coles, the Australian supermarket, retail and consumer services chain, with over 800 physical stores. Osmon was responsible for transforming customer experience operations at Coles physical stores, working with new emerging technologies to come up with the best fit for their retail environment. Specifically, he contributed to a 2.5% YoY increase in customer experience and satisfaction by introducing new processes and technologies that removed friction points at the checkout, enabling customers to get in and out of stores quickly.

Prior to Coles, Osmon served as Director, Frontend and Multichannel Innovations at Walmart, where, for seven years, he oversaw transformation and innovation of the checkout and associate tools. In this role, he actively pushed the limits of customer experience and self service, in pursuit of driving operational efficiencies in the chains’ stores.

Osmon initially interfaced with Everseen from the retailer side, as he looked for cutting-edge solutions to reinvent the customer experience and create greater efficiencies at the self-checkout.

At Everseen, Osmon will oversee the product development roadmap and introduce new commercially compelling applications of the company’s Visual AI™ technology. Osmon brings an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges retailers are attempting to solve, and will guide Everseen’s rollout of AI deployments to meet their needs.

“With thousands of stores now live with our technology, Osmon’s experience will complement our existing team’s experience, as well as bring a fresh perspective on what’s possible in store,” said Huw Lloyd, Chief Strategy Officer at Everseen. “We are actively introducing new applications of our Visual AI™ technology, often solving problems for retailers in ground-breaking ways that had not been possible until now. Josh’s insights will contribute to this critical mission.”

“The market opportunity for Everseen is vast and only begins with retail,” said Osmon. “We already have a proven Visual AI platform deployed successfully at massive scale. We can use that foundation to build new applications that solve business challenges across the entire supply chain, and at high speed, which is what the industry needs.”

News of Osmon’s appointment follows Everseen’s recent introduction of its Emerging Technologies Division and the company’s inclusion in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Retail AI Technologies for the fourth year in a row.


Everseen is the Visual AI™ company driving profitability for the world’s leading retailers. Its technology sees 160 million SKUs and 20 million people each day. It uses the information to decrease shrink, deliver item-level precision within end-to-end supply chains and inventory systems, and automate repetitive tasks. The company’s proprietary platform can, in real time, watch video, understand complex processes, and intelligently intervene to optimize them. Deployed in thousands of stores across the US and Europe, Everseen is the only Visual AI company in the world delivering measurable business results for retailers, at scale. Its team of hundreds of AI specialists are committed to accelerating the reinvention of retail.