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Every Job is Better with Bacon

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A Utah company is making it as quick and easy for an employer to hire
someone as it is to get a ride from Uber or Lyft. Bacon
lets employers select and hire qualified workers in moments. Job seekers
can also pick and choose a shift in minutes.

“Businesses always need great people,” said Hunter Sebresos, Bacon CEO.
“On the flip side, lots of people have extra time and could use some
extra cash.”

The Bacon
Worker On-Demand app
connects people with hourly jobs with the tap
of a button. Employers post the shifts, pay and requirements and then
choose the person best suited for the job. Employees search for work in
their area and apply with one click. After the shift is done, employers
rate the employee and vice versa.

In less than a year the Provo-based startup has attracted more than
3,000 pre-qualified workers and is adding another thousand employees
each month. Bacon’s motto is “Never be jobless.” And the company isn’t
shy about using its name for slogans: “Make your side hustle sizzle at

Here are some of the reviews from Bacon app users:

  • “I love the idea of trying new things and Bacon allows me to have
    those experiences and make some money while I’m at it.”
  • “I am a full-time pre-med student. Using Bacon is an amazing resource
    for people with busy schedules in their lives and need a work schedule
    with flexibility.”
  • “Bacon is going to revolutionize hourly staffing across many

The inspiration for Bacon came when Sebresos thought of all of the
people willing to work non-traditional shifts: single-parents who need
living expenses, veterans reentering the workforce or retirees looking
to do something productive with their time.

“We need to build up self-confidence in people who choose to succeed,”
Sebresos said in a recent
interview with
. “Work and purpose are closely aligned.”

Employers benefit by saving the time and expense of interviewing from a
“temp agency.” Bacon can also quickly conduct multiple background checks
needed for any job safety level.

More than 50 companies are using Bacon like Hogle Zoo, Alphagraphics,
Utah Valley Convention Center, e-commerce company First Mile, as well as
retailers, restaurants, catering and events companies. The company is
operating in Utah and Texas, fulfilling requests in California and
Arizona, and plans to expand quickly throughout the Mountain West and
then across the U.S.

Bacon is one of the candidate companies for investment by Hall Venture
Partners for inclusion in its Opportunity Fund 1. The fund provides
tax-advantaged opportunities in addition to the potential of high growth
based on the Hall Labs incubation model. It is one of the 20 portfolio
companies within the Hall Labs Innovation Campus in Provo that has
demonstrated a high rate of success over the past 60-plus years.

About Bacon

Bacon is like the Uber of hourly jobs by making it easy to work a “side
gig” anytime, anywhere. Bacon connects employers to pre-qualified,
available candidates who will work on-demand for as little as one shift.
The Provo, Utah, company started in 2018 and has attracted companies and
employees throughout the Mountain West using the Bacon Work On-Demand
app. For more information visit