Press release

EverZinc organizes “R-Zinc”: The First European Rechargeable Zinc Battery Meeting

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EverZinc has announced the organization of R-Zinc, first
rechargeable zinc battery meeting in Europe.

R-Zinc is a full-day international event that will take place on
October 15, 2019 at Nine One Brussels, in the heart of the European
District. The goal of this initiative is to bring together zinc
suppliers, battery makers and potential end-users to support the
development of zinc-based batteries in Europe.

“Zinc is cheaper, more available, more sustainable and safer compared to
other technologies. Zinc represents the optimal solution in many
industrial areas as new technologies are continuously emerging all over
the world. That’s why EverZinc decided to organize R-Zinc,”
said Vincent Dujardin, EverZinc’s Chief Executive Officer.

For Europe, battery production is a strategic imperative for clean
energy transition and competitiveness of its industry. Indeed, according
to some forecasts, Europe could capture a battery market of up to €250
billion a year from 2025 onwards.1

“We have seen a few initiatives in the USA or in Asia, but R-Zinc will
be the first opportunity for companies and startups working on zinc
technologies to showcase their developments in the capital of Europe,”
explained Vincent Dujardin. “The European Union is willing to invest in
new battery technologies and it is important for us to emphasize that
zinc has the potential to play a major role in this growing market.”