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Ex-Spotify and Microsoft Manager Joins Software Talent Platform Exceptionly, Hopes to Empower Women in Industry

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After previously holding managerial positions at both Microsoft and Spotify, Ergul Civi has joined Exceptionly as Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. Exceptionly is a next-generation software-talent platform whose unique data set and sourcing/testing capabilities let it identify, test and deliver the best software talent from across the globe.

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Ergul Civi joins the newly launched software talent platform ‘Exceptionly’ as co-founder and COO with view to promoting female empowerment in global software development sector (Photo: Business Wire)

Ergul Civi joins the newly launched software talent platform ‘Exceptionly’ as co-founder and COO with view to promoting female empowerment in global software development sector (Photo: Business Wire)

“In the ever-evolving world of software technology, traditional HR departments are challenged to find the best, most up-to-date skill sets,” Civi says. “Today’s businesses can’t achieve the global reach they desire without fair and objective recruitment processes that rely on big data and artificial intelligence.”

The software engineering needs of modern businesses are highly complex, time-sensitive, and often mission-critical, Civi points out. “In other words, software talent is too important to outsource. With Exceptionly, companies can hire hands-on-tested talent directly.”

Empowering Women in Software Tech

One way Civi hopes to make a difference at Exceptionly is by promoting women’s empowerment in the software technology industry, a traditionally male-dominated field. “Women should be empowered in business in general, and software technology is no exception,” she says.

According to recent data from Statista, female software developers currently account for less than 10 percent of tech jobs worldwide. And World Economic Forum data from 2020 reveals that female software engineers hold less than 12 percent of all cloud-computing jobs and less than 15 percent of the world’s software engineering jobs.

“Hiring more female software developers is only a first step towards remedying this inequality,” Civi says. “Since its inception, Exceptionly has been a pro-women company, the overriding objective of ensuring women equal opportunities at every stage of their careers. .”

‘Software Talent Has No Zip Code’

With a view to helping businesses meet their needs for cutting-edge software talent, Exceptionly owns and maintains a unique and impressive big-data set of over 2 million hands-on-tested software engineers from 170 countries.

“Decision-makers have well-defined needs for software developers, but they are beset by inefficient recruitment processes and unproductive interviews,” Exceptionly CEO and Co-Founder Sinan Ata, who invested over 50 million dollars and hired over 4 thousand software engineers throughout his career, explained. “Our platform expedites the talent-acquisition process by providing a reliable and comprehensive engineer-to-engineer hiring experience.”

Stating that finding a fantastic software engineer costs around 30 thousand dollars for businesses in the US, Ata said, “Exceptionly eliminates operational overhead and offers a 50% saving with its unique big-data set, automated process, and proven track record.”

With the motto “Talent has no zip code,” the platform offers a range of partnership packages custom-designed to meet the particular needs of both large companies (1,000 employees and above) and SMEs primarily operating in the US, Canada, UK and European countries.