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Exabeam Earns Federal Common Criteria Certification for its Security Management Platform

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Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, today announced that the Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP) underwent security testing and assessment to achieve federal Common Criteria certification. This means that government and public sector agencies now have access to the company’s modern SIEM for use in protecting those organizations from rising security risks, insider threats and other cyber adversaries.

“For highly sensitive data handling, government agencies, the military and our national security all depend heavily upon stringent compliance standards and a fierce commitment to operational security,” said Bill Aubin, VP, Federal at Exabeam. “We strive to meet and exceed those standards with our security information and event management platform, not just for the public sector, but for private companies as well.”

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (abbreviated as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard for computer security certification. Using the CC as a framework, computer users can specify security functional requirements (SFRs) and security functional assurance requirements (SARs) using Protection Profiles (PPs). CC is used as the basis for a government-driven certification scheme, where evaluations are completed and used by Federal Government agencies for critical infrastructure and acts as vital information on the pledge to quality these products provide for enterprises, especially when making new technology solution purchases.

The Exabeam SMP is a modern SIEM that combines end-to-end data collection, analysis and response in a single management and operations platform. It is built on a scalable, modern big data infrastructure and uses data science for behavioral modeling, machine learning and behavioral analytics for comprehensive insider and entity threat detection. This evaluation included Exabeam Data Lake, Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Incident Responder.

The CC certification builds on Exabeam’s recent federal momentum. Multiple Exabeam SMP products were recently approved for Data Protection Management (Phase IV) of the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program’s Approved Products List, including Advanced Analytics, Exabeam Entity Analytics and Incident Responder. Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Data Lake were previously approved for Network Security Management (Phase III) to give greater visibility into events on the network.

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Exabeam is the Smarter SIEM™ company. We help security operations and insider threat teams work smarter, allowing them to detect, investigate and respond to cyberattacks in 51 percent less time. Security organizations no longer have to live with excessive logging fees, missed distributed attacks and unknown threats, or manual investigations and remediation. With the modular Exabeam Security Management Platform, analysts can collect unlimited log data, use behavioral analytics to detect attacks, and automate incident response, both on-premises or in the cloud. Exabeam Smart Timelines, sequences of user and device behavior created using machine learning, further reduce the time and specialization required to detect attacker tactics, techniques and procedures. For more information, visit

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