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ExaGrid Voted “Enterprise Backup Hardware Product of the Year”

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a leading provider of intelligent hyperconverged storage for backup,
today announced that it has been voted Storage Magazine’s “Enterprise
Backup Hardware Product of the Year” at its annual awards ceremony Storries
. Winners are determined by public vote, so receipt of this award
is especially important; it heralds the collective voices of ExaGrid’s
customers and partners, and further validates the excellence of
ExaGrid’s differentiated product architecture and superior customer
support model.

“We’re honored to accept this award from Storage Magazine,”
said Bill Andrews, President and CEO of ExaGrid. “ExaGrid’s
deduplication and its scale-out architecture provides customers with a
consistent backup window regardless of data growth, which is especially
important in today’s ever-changing enterprise environments. The
scale-out approach also eliminates forklift upgrades and forced product
obsolescence. Our unique Landing Zone retains the most recent backup in
its full undeduplicated form, enabling three times faster backups as
well as 20 times faster restores and VM boots as compared to other
deduplication solutions on the market. We provide lifetime value and
investment protection that no other architecture can match.”

The Storries XVI awards ceremony took place in London, where ExaGrid was
pleased to host reseller and strategic alliance partners Arrow,
Fortem-IT, Nutanix, S3 – Trustmarque Solutions, and Veeam Software.
Fortem-IT’s Account Director Daniel Mawji said, “ExaGrid’s unique
architecture provides our clients with a solution that scales as
enterprise environments grow. At Fortem-IT, we are proud to have been
previously named Partner of the Year, and congratulate them on this
impressive win as we look forward to our continued partnership in years
to come.” Additionally, S3 – Trustmarque Solutions’ Account Executive
Mick Powell said, “Congratulations to ExaGrid on the well-deserved
Enterprise Backup Hardware award. We look forward to our continued joint
success and expanding into new markets together.”

ExaGrid’s turnkey disk-based backup system combines enterprise storage
with zone-level data deduplication, delivering a disk-based solution
that is far more cost effective than low cost disk. It’s also faster for
backups and restores versus inline deduplication within backup software
or in target side appliances such as Dell EMC Data Domain, HPE StoreOnce
or other deduplication solutions. ExaGrid’s patented zone-level
deduplication reduces the disk space needed by a range of 10:1 to 50:1
by storing only the unique bytes across backups instead of redundant
data. Adaptive Deduplication performs deduplication and replication in
parallel with backups while providing full system resources to the
backups for the fastest backups providing for a strong recovery point
objective (RPO). As data grows, only ExaGrid avoids expanding backup
windows by adding full appliances in a system. ExaGrid’s unique Landing
Zone keeps a full copy of the most recent backup on disk, delivering the
fastest restores, VM boots in seconds to minutes, “Instant DR,” and fast
tape copy.

ExaGrid’s multiple appliance models can be mixed and matched into a
single system allowing full backups of up to 2PB, which is twice the
size of any other solution in the market. The appliances also have a
combined ingest rate of 432TB/hr., which is three times faster than its
closest competitor. Each appliance includes the appropriate amount of
processor, memory, disk, and bandwidth for the data size, so as
appliances are added into the system, performance is maintained and
backup times do not increase as data is added. Appliances in a system
appear as a single pool of long-term capacity. Capacity load balancing
of all deduplicated data across appliances is automatic, and appliances
can easily be combined for linear scalability. In addition, ExaGrid
performs global deduplication across all deduplicated repositories. This
combination of capabilities in a turnkey appliance makes the ExaGrid
system easy to install, manage, and scale.

ExaGrid’s published customer
success stories
and enterprise
number over 360, more than all other vendors in the space
combined. These stories demonstrate how satisfied customers are with
ExaGrid’s unique architectural approach, differentiated product, and
unrivalled customer support. Customers consistently state that not only
is the product best-in-class, but ‘it just works.’

About ExaGrid
ExaGrid provides intelligent hyperconverged
storage for backup with data deduplication, a unique landing zone, and
scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s landing zone provides for the fastest
backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. Its scale-out architecture
includes full appliances in a scale-out system and ensures a
fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift
upgrades. Visit us at
or connect with us on LinkedIn.
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