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Exasol and Nuqleous Partner to Bring Ultimate Data Analytics to Retail and Consumer Product Companies

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Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, today announced a new strategic partnership with Nuqleous, a leading developer of intelligent technology solutions that enable retailers and consumer product companies to operate with enhanced agility and efficiency. Through this partnership with Exasol, Nuqleous can further help customers focus on the issues that have the greatest impact on their bottom line by leveraging store-item-day level data in real time.

“Integrating with Exasol’s analytics database has increased Nuqleous’ speed to market by allowing us to push more of our feature development directly in our analytics engine rather than coding at the ETL/database layer,” said Paul Springmann, Founder and President of Nuqleous. “We were recently able to release a feature that we had estimated as a 6-week effort in the ETL layer, however because of the performance of Exasol we were able to build it in our front-end layer in 2 days. Exasol has been a great partner, not only in building the fastest database available, but by empowering our team as we learn to develop for, and manage, the Exasol platform.”

Globally, organizations are looking to discover how to make the best business decisions in the current changing environment. Companies have realized that access to real-time data insights and a reliable data analytics solution, like Exasol, can help an organization succeed. Exasol’s analytics database brings unmatched speed, performance, accuracy and insight to enhance an organization’s use of data.

With this partnership, Nuqleous plans to increase the types of data brought into its platform. This will allow its customers to have greater visibility into components that impact business and overall retail sales, including weather, demographics and economic trends. Nuqleous also plans to expand its use of machine learning to drive action from its rich set of retail data.

“Partnering with Exasol provides Nuqleous customers with the fastest and highest performing analytics database to unearth valuable retail data,” said Ricardo Arriaga, Head of Channel and Alliances, Americas, Exasol. “Nuqleous, along with the power of Exasol’s technology, will equip its customers with fast-paced analytics needed to excel in today’s everchanging retail business landscape. We’re excited to welcome Nuqleous to Exasol’s growing list of strategic partners.”

Nuqleous joins Exasol’s world-class network of globally connected partners and alliances. To learn more about becoming an Exasol partner, visit:

About Nuqleous

Founded in 2013, Nuqleous is a leading developer of intelligent technology solutions that enable retailers and consumer product companies to operate with enhanced agility and efficiency. Nuqleous works with some of the most well-known brands in the retail industry and designs innovative software that helps clients streamline their business practices so they can increase margins, reduce inefficiencies, maximize sales, and minimize operating costs.

About Exasol

The Exasol high-performance analytics database is built to run faster than any other database, delivering next-level performance, scale and ease of use. Analyze billions of rows in seconds; run high-performance analytics securely in the cloud or on-premise; deliver frictionless analytics with self-indexing that automatically tunes performance; and scale out analytics for one transparent price. To learn more, please visit: For further information, please visit, connect with us on LinkedIn or follow @ExasolAG on Twitter.