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Exasol Announces Availability on Google Cloud Platform

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the analytics database, today announced immediate availability of its
database as an enterprise-grade pay-as-you-go offering on Google Cloud
Platform. The new offering delivers a high-performance,
consumption-based cloud data warehouse and data analytics solution for
global enterprise customers on demand.

The new solution enables businesses to deploy a fully Google Cloud-based
solution or hybrid environment, ensuring that big data analytics can be
flexibly adapted to the changing requirements of any organization.
Customers benefit from the ability to deploy Exasol both on-premises and
on Google Cloud Platform to optimize cost and performance, and to meet
their data governance requirements.

“We are excited to announce general availability of Exasol on Google
Cloud Platform,” said Jens Graupmann, Vice President of Product
Management, Exasol. “Organizations are migrating workloads to the cloud
at an ever-increasing rate, and customer demand for Exasol on Google
Cloud with enterprise-level support is growing. With today’s news,
companies of any size can quickly build a scalable, high-performance,
self-tuning analytics and data warehousing infrastructure to keep them
one step ahead of the competition.”

Using ready-to-use virtual machine images that are available via the
Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, in combination with the Exasol Cloud
Deployment Wizard, customers can easily configure and deploy a
production-ready Exasol database system in minutes. Once deployed,
customers can easily resize the system to scale their analytics
performance to any size with near-linear performance gains.

Google Cloud is also a sponsor for Exasol’s Xperience 2019 event in
June. For more information, please visit:

For more information on how to get started with Exasol on Google Cloud
Platform, visit:

About Exasol

Exasol is the analytics database. Its high-performance in-memory
analytics database gives organizations the power to transform how they
work with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both – and turn it into
value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

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