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Exasol Announces Partnership With Omniwaresoft

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Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, today announced a new strategic partnership with Omniwaresoft. As the leading consulting firm for data driven technology in Taiwan, Omniwaresoft helps its world-class customer base build their analytics ecosystems by providing consultancy and support around data visualization tools and business analysis services. Together, Exasol and Omniwaresoft will accelerate customers’ time to insight by enabling near-real time reporting through faster access to data, which will help organizations make the most of their data and stay ahead of their competition.

“We tell our customers that Exasol is the best choice for heavy Tableau users that want to play with data without having to wait. By using Exasol, customers can easily get the freshest data and near-real time analysis to help them with their daily decisions. It is a great technology in the face of constant change. We think every Tableau customer should build an Exasol environment. Exasol can release the power of Tableau and enrich the user experiences in seconds,” said Paul Yang, Special Assistant to Chairman, at Omniwaresoft.

Exasol and Omniwaresoft will focus on verticals where time to insight is critical, especially in challenging times such as the global pandemic environment.

“We are very excited to be working with Omniwaresoft to bring our best-in-class analytics database to customers,” said Ricardo Arriaga, Head of Channel and Alliances, Americas, Exasol. “We know that faster access to insights is critical for organizations trying to make decisions in these uncertain times, and our partnership with Omniwaresoft will enable us to help joint customers in industries such as retail, manufacturing or financial services make the most of their data.”

Omniwaresoft joins Exasol’s world-class network of globally connected partners and alliances. To learn more about becoming an Exasol partner, visit:

About Exasol

The Exasol high-performance analytics database is built to run faster than any other database, delivering next-level performance, scale and ease of use. Analyze billions of rows in seconds; run high-performance analytics securely in the cloud or on-premise; deliver frictionless analytics with self-indexing that automatically tunes performance; and scale out analytics for one transparent price.

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About Omniwaresoft

Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. is the “Open Source Enterprise Total Solution Provider”, providing enterprise level open source integration services to customers. Allowing users and partners in Taiwan to have more professional, faster and complete consulting services.

Established in 2009, Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. has distributed software and provided the most competitive and effective consulting services to both enterprise users and partners with open source solutions. We are dedicated to assisting customers and partners with the best solutions and technical support. We also provide complete pre-sales, technical supports, upgrade, migration and post services. As the main source of complete open source solutions provider, customers can choose the best solution based on their needs with the least investment and gain the most return.

Omniwaresoft Technology Inc. will continue to introduce competitive open source solutions around the globe, and based on the solution of big data, we wish to provide enterprise users and partners more open, complete and faster analysis, processing, visualization, and data integration technologies in the future.