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ExpensePoint Announces Its Integration Between QuickBooks Online, Xero Accounting, and FreshBooks

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Employee expense report platform ExpensePoint is releasing an integration between QuickBooks Online, Xero Accounting, and FreshBooks. This integration comes thanks to ExpensePoint’s connection to platform-to-platform integration provider, Zapier. ExpensePoint’s connection to Zapier will now expand this new integration to more than 2,000 other applications contained on the Zapier platform.

ExpensePoint is excited for this new integration as well as the benefits it can provide clients. Thanks to the integration, there will be no need to manually export or import files or enter data from ExpensePoint into the client’s account system of choice. Instead of those time-consuming processes, ExpensePoint clients can now set the system up and then forget about it. Once set up, there is a closed loop between the accounting and expense systems, reducing the work and effort required of clients.

This integration increases the already-recognized appeal of the ExpensePoint expense management and reporting software. ExpensePoint already has excellent functionality and features. The recent integration with more than 2,000 applications, including the most popular ones like FreshBooks, Xero Accounting, and QuickBooks Online, will only increase that functionality.

Before this integration, ExpensePoint earned the 2020 GetApp Best Functionality & Features award. This shows that the software was the industry leader in functionality and features even before the expansion.

About ExpensePoint

ExpensePoint offers automated solutions for expense management with a focus on its expense management software. It has earned awards over the years for customer support, ease of use, features, and functionality, among other factors. ExpensePoint has also been recognized or featured in media outlets, including AP News, Marketers Media, AB NewsWire, and BusinessWeek Magazine.

The goal of the company has always been to make the creation of expense reports hassle-free via automation. To meet this goal, ExpensePoint’s software has a user-friendly interface and is intuitive to use. ExpensePoint also allows for expense report customization.