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Expensify Launches First Ever Corporate Card Rewards Program That Makes a Difference: Karma Points

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Expensify, the world’s most widely-used and fastest-growing expense management platform, today announced a new corporate card initiative, Karma Points, that makes an automatic charitable donation every time an Expensify cardholder makes a purchase. With every swipe, Expensify will donate 10 percent of Expensify Card revenue to causes aimed at keeping people off the streets, getting hungry kids meals, and fighting climate change. The Expensify Card is the first corporate card to offer a more meaningful alternative to traditional rewards points.

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Expensify launches Karma Points, the only card reward that makes a difference. (Photo: Business Wire)

Expensify launches Karma Points, the only card reward that makes a difference. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The reality is, rewards worth hundreds of billions of dollars go unredeemed every year, and most people with rewards cards spend more in fees and interest than the rewards they earn,” said David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify. “Revenue from these rewards programs is literally measured in pennies on the dollar — or fractions of pennies. But what if we combined all those billions of fractions of pennies and put them into the hands of those who need them a whole lot more than we do? That’s the idea behind Karma Points.”

All funds raised will be donated through a new charity,, and used to fight three of the biggest challenges of our time: homelessness, hunger, and climate change. To maximize simplicity and participation in the program, donations will route automatically to one of five funds most relevant to any given purchase. Cardholders will also receive an instant notification on their phone letting them know which fund their purchase supported. For example, an employee booking a flight with their Expensify Card will trigger a donation toward tree planting to help offset carbon emissions. An employee taking a client to lunch will direct funds to provide a hungry child a meal.

The specific funds include:

  1. Homes, which covers the costs of reuniting a person experiencing homelessness with their family so they have a safe, stable environment to get back on their feet.
  2. Youth, which sponsors weekly meals for young adults who’ve aged out of the foster care system so they can stay connected with their previous foster families.
  3. Reentry, which reimburses the cost of a journey home for an individual just released from incarceration to help provide a fair shot at transitioning back into society.
  4. Hunger, which pays off a child’s school lunch debt to ensure they always receive a meal and are never food shamed.
  5. Climate, which supports the purchase and planting of a tree as the first step toward offsetting carbon emissions.

Companies using Expensify can choose to go a step further by enabling Corporate Offsets, which will automatically donate $2 to for every $1,000 worth of approved expenses. Individuals will also have the option to donate out of pocket for the same amount with Personal Offsets. Expensify plans to expand the number of ways to donate and volunteer through in the future.

“We’re applying our expertise in expense management to increase the transparency of how funds are spent, the convenience of how donations are gathered, and — most importantly — the emotional connection between donors, volunteers, and recipients,” Barrett said.

For more details on the Expensify Card and the inspiration behind Karma Points, see the full story here.

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Note: The Expensify Card is available to any business with a US bank account, and can be shipped to international employees. Donations from the Karma Points program only apply to purchases made in US dollars.

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