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Experts Gather in Boston for Inaugural Summit on Future of Flexible Work

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the leading cloud-based communications and collaboration platform
provider for the modern global enterprise, launches its inaugural future
of work event, Flex
. Taking place today at the Revere Hotel in Boston, this
one-day industry event convenes experts in technology, HR, operations,
and management to prepare businesses for the future of distributed work.

Panels and keynote sessions include distinguished experts including Dr.
Alaa Murabit from United Nations, Michael Hopkins from The Solo Project,
Elizabeth Kiehner from IBM, Taher Behbehani from Samsung Electronics
America, and many more.

Featured Sessions:

  • Impact––Learn about the impact that flexible work can have
    around the globe, across organizations, and at the individual level.
    Keynotes include:

    • How Flexible Work is Transforming Global Communities
    • The Art of Leading Distributed Teams
    • What the Solo Phenomenon Reveals About the Future of Management
  • Infrastructure––Discover the technology and policies that are
    necessary to support flexible work. Panels and sessions include:

    • 5G’s Uncharted Possibilities for the Workspace
    • How AI is Augmenting the Workforce
    • Breaking the Barriers to Flexible Work
    • Pedestrian Robots: A New Mobility Ecology
  • Culture and Collaboration––Understand why culture and
    collaboration are critical to the success of flexible work. Panels and
    sessions include:

    • Collaboration Tech and Trends to Support Flexible Work
    • Trust and Security in a Virtual World
    • Empathy @ Work: The Essential Soft Skills for Effective Leaders
      and Teams
  • 2040––Look forward to the trends that will impact work in the
    future. Featured panel:

    • A Closer Look at Ava Robotics
    • Future of Work in 2040

“As the workforce landscape changes, business leaders can no longer
afford to ignore employees’ needs for increased flexibility. As such, we
are excited to welcome our attendees, who are leading the future of work
movement,” said Brian Kardon, chief marketing officer at Fuze.
“Attendees will walk away with new insights into flexible work with the
latest industry data, trends, and distributed work strategies to act as
a catalyst for change within their own organization.”

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