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Extreme Telematics Corp. Invests in Training, Support, and Economical Options for Producers and Service Companies Using Plunger Lift Controls and Sensors

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2020 has been a whopper of a year so far for the North American oil and gas industry. Between regulatory roadblocks, a massive reduction in global demand for natural resources, newly negotiated trade terms, and a whole host of unforeseen challenges related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the entire sector has taken one massive blow after another. The struggles faced by equipment manufacturers, service providers, and producers have greatly impacted several other industries, with hope for a quick recovery seemingly whittling away as we enter the back half the year.

In spite of the hardship that the oil and gas industry has endured in recent months, traditionally change-resistant businesses have pivoted and adjusted to a new normal with an impressive amount of agility. There has been a significant evolution in the way we, our partners, and our customers do business, and there’s no turning back now. The digital revolution began many years ago, but the acceleration in recent months is a huge testament to the adaptability and resilience of the industry.

As a technology company with close ties to the field, ETC understands the demands and challenges service companies and producers face. Optimizing well production requires precise analytics, reliable equipment, and a lot of underlying knowledge and experience. Enhancing support for legacy products, white-labeled versions of the first- and second-generation ALiEn plunger controllers, the best-selling Cyclops arrival sensor, and Sasquatch velocity sensor has been a primary focus for ETC this year. The latest investment to ensure ETC products continue to create value and ROI is a new online Product Support Center. New articles and resources will be added on a regular basis so customers can find all the information needed to get the most of ETC plunger lift controls and sensors. Regularly scheduled live video training sessions are available, with recorded versions available on-demand at

To help oil and gas companies keep natural gas wells producing at optimal levels for a lower capital investment, ETC is pleased to announce several new programs; Refurbished controllers and replacement faceplates are now available at a reduced price. Please visit or contact an authorized reseller for information on these programs, available for a limited time only.

ETC is proud to be a leading manufacturer of high quality, low power, certified plunger controls and sensors. Historically white labeled under other brand names, nearly 12,000 ALiEn and ALiEn2 controllers are optimizing gas wells in the field today, while just shy of 60,000 sensors provide acutely accurate plunger arrival alerts. ETC has seen their share of changes and weathered plenty of storms throughout two decades of business. They’ve stood strong and stable while resellers and customers completed acquisitions, mergers, and splits. Despite many unknowns ahead, the team at ETC look to the future with relentless optimism that the grit and determination of the North American oil and gas industry will propel us back into prosperity once again.

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