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Facet Wealth Taps Brent Weiss, Its ‘Heart and Soul,’ as Chief Evangelist

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Facet Wealth (“Facet”), a next-generation financial services company founded on the principle of opening access to affordable, high-quality financial planning services for the mass-affluent, has appointed co-founder Brent Weiss, CFP,® as Chief Evangelist. Weiss, previously the firm’s head of planning, now pioneers this unique role in the RIA industry, underscoring Facet Wealth’s Silicon Valley DNA.

Technology firms employ chief evangelists to advocate for their ideas and services while working to establish them as an industry standard. Weiss’s new role as Facet’s chief evangelist empowers him to project his leadership, dynamism, and conviction into the financial services space to further Facet’s mission. Weiss, whose early industry success includes a spot on the 2012 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the field of finance, recalls all too well the experience of turning away families who couldn’t afford the financial advice they needed. These struggles drove Weiss, 37, to look for a better way to serve clients who don’t fit the ideal profile for traditional wealth managers, ultimately leading him to co-found Facet Wealth in 2016.

Weiss will work internally as Facet’s brand influencer to clearly define the firm’s standard of excellence for their financial life planning experience and service delivery to consumers and families. Externally, Weiss will tell the story of Facet Wealth, highlighting its distinction in the media through independent commentary and shared personal finance insights. His responsibilities as chief evangelist include influence marketing, sharing and clarifying Facet’s story, championing the financial life needs of the mass affluent, and advocating for the great value that fiduciary advisors and RIAs can offer their clients. In addition, he will continue to provide thought leadership to advisors looking to grow and maintain their healthy practices.

“Brent is the heart and soul of Facet. Since the beginning, his voice and beliefs have guided our important mission,” said CEO and co-founder Anders Jones, who recently made the InvestmentNews 2019 40 Under 40 list. “We couldn’t have asked for a better voice to proclaim our values and unique business model.”

Facet Wealth combines human-driven financial planning led by dedicated CFP® Professionals and Silicon Valley-grade technology to offer personalized financial life planning services for a flat, subscription fee. Facet partners with RIAs as a referral destination, helping them solve growth and capacity challenges through cooperative segmentation and revenue replacement opportunities.

“This is an exciting time for Facet Wealth. We’re on the forefront of the trends driving the digital revolution of financial services, and we’re developing the emerging tech that helps us make high quality, holistic financial advice more affordable and accessible to mass-affluent families,” Weiss said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to help a critically underserved segment of the market while lifting up partner RIAs who want to do right by their non-target clients and achieve their own growth goals. You’d better believe I’m ready to spread the word of what we do here at Facet.”

About Facet Wealth

Facet Wealth is a next-generation financial services company built to break the cost barrier of comprehensive, transparent service for the mass affluent households that need it most. Facet Wealth is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that offers human-first, technology-enabled financial planning services through a dedicated team led by a CFP® Professional. Facet Wealth is a fiduciary, acting in the best interest of our clients. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, with a nationwide reach, Facet Wealth works with financial services professionals as a solution for small accounts. For more information follow Facet Wealth on Twitter at @FacetWealth or please visit