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Faraday Future Patent Portfolio Strength Validated by Randolph Square IP Study

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Faraday Future (FF), a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, today announced that Randolph Square IP (RSIP), a patent data analytics firm, confirmed that FF’s diversified patent portfolio is more robust in comparable technologies than many leading OEMs including Toyota, Ford, and Honda. RSIP determined that FF’s expanding EV patent portfolio is on par with that of Tesla’s in key technologies.

RSIP’s findings state that the FF patent portfolio is comparatively young with an initial priority date of January 2015, noting that patents tend to strengthen as they age. The study also found that FF’s patent portfolio has garnered a substantial number of citations by many leading OEMs, showing the desirability of similar technologies that FF has already patented.

FF has approximately 880 filed or issued utility and design patents filed globally, with 530 granted patents, the largest number for an automotive start-up company in only their first 5 years in existence. In addition to core EV technologies, many of FF’s patents are related to I.A.I (Internet, Autonomous Driving, and Intelligence) demonstrating FF’s capability in a full suite of automotive and technology competencies.

“We are thrilled that Randolph Square validated FF’s patent strength in the marketplace,” said Carsten Breitfeld, Global CEO of Faraday Future. “Our in-house development allows FF to incorporate state-of-the-art components and to design numerous items that will help complete FF 91. Patents are a critical part of product development; they are the result of trying to solve a specific challenge where no suitable solutions exist. FF’s talented employees have made great contributions to these challenges by inventing and implementing many new innovative technologies.”

One of the first patents for FF was issued in April of 2014, when the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Faraday Future patent #9,241,428 B1, for the next-generation power inverter technology known as the FF Echelon Inverter. Not only is this a remarkably powerful, future-proof piece of technology on its own, but it also offers a look into the broader landscape of engineering innovations that FF is currently developing.

Since then FF engineers have been hard at work finding many new solutions and innovations such as creating a patented battery design with all major battery components submerged in coolant, improving battery safety, extending battery life, and increasing energy density. FF has also developed a patented keyless entry technology that recognizes users from a distance, opening (in addition to unlocking) doors, and customizing users’ seating areas using their FFID.

These are just a few examples of how FF incorporates new ideas to improve performance, reliability, safety, and simplification in FF’s overall design ideology. From expressive aerodynamic exteriors to thoughtfully improved interior components, our talented engineers and designers embrace this vision and pursue exciting new approaches to remedy long-standing issues in the industry.

According to FF’s production launch plan, FF 91 will kick off production approximately nine months following the closing of a successful round of funding. The newly announced FF 81 EV and development preparation for future models and next-generation core technologies will be completed as soon as possible.


Established in May 2014, Faraday Future (FF) is a California-based global shared intelligent mobility ecosystem company, headquartered in Los Angeles. FF’s vision is to create a shared intelligent mobility ecosystem that empowers everyone to move, connect, breathe, and live freely. FF aims to perpetually improve the way people move by creating a forward-thinking mobility ecosystem that integrates clean energy, AI, the internet and new usership models. With the FF 91, FF has envisioned a vehicle that redefines transportation, mobility, and connectivity, creating a true “third internet living space,” complementing users’ home and smartphone internet experience.


Randolph Square IP is an intellectual property analytics firm that utilizes big data to provide cost-effective, timely and actionable insights into patents. More can be learned at or by sending inquires to



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