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Farmobile Adds Canadian Blockchain Patent to Its Portfolio

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Farmobile LLC, Agriculture’s Independent Data Company™, today announced that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has issued Canadian Patent No. 3076652, entitled, “Distributed Transaction-Based Security and Tracking of Machine and Agronomic Data.” The patent is the latest in Farmobile’s growing portfolio of intellectual property and technology, enabling them to continue building the foundational technology for the future of agriculture.

Under the patent, Farmobile gains the exclusive right to use blockchain (distributed ledger technologies) in Canada to track electronic agricultural data sets through associated transactions. Farmobile staff — Jason Tatge, CEO; Chris Schibi, chief technology officer; and Daniel Mola, chief architect — are credited for the invention.

“This patent is just the latest testament to the dedication and ongoing innovation of the Farmobile team,” said Farmobile CEO Jason Tatge. “The ag-food industry has a growing, deep need for science-worthy, rich datasets to prove out their metrics and innovations around sustainability and other emerging markets. Blockchain technology has virtually limitless applications in this, particularly across the agricultural-food value chain, and we’re excited to continue to innovate and develop products that power the future of agriculture, now across both the United States and Canada.”

Last year, Farmobile was issued a U.S. Patent (No. 10,491,608 entitled, “Distributed Transaction-Based Security and Tracking of Agricultural Machine and Agronomic Data”) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So far, Farmobile has leveraged the patent to underride the Farmobile DataStore℠ online exchange, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to data they have personally purchased, licensed or uploaded.

The Farmobile’s DataStore℠exchange, is the world’s first online marketplace for agricultural data, created to fairly compensate farmers for their digital assets. The exchange facilitates transactions between a data buyer and interested farmer-sellers. Those farmers who choose to participate can sell licensed copies of their certified agronomic and machine data for use by the data buyer only after approving the buyer and all transaction details. The Farmobile DataStore exchange was awarded the 2020 AgTech Breakthrough Award for Blockchain-based AgTech Solution of the Year.

According to Chris Schibi, Farmobile chief technology officer, the Canadian patent is an example of Farmobile’s commitment to developing and protecting innovations to ensure data integrity. “From the start when we envisioned the deployment of block chain — even within our own digital marketplace for farmers — we prioritized data tracking and transparency as absolutely vital to Farmobile’s collect-share-monetize ecosystem. We are proud to have our innovation recognized, first in the U.S. and now, by the Canadian patent office,” noted Schibi.

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