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Fast-Growing New Zealand Educational Technology Platform, Eurekly! Live Learning, Launches in the United States

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Eurekly: The First Global Learning Arena, founded in New Zealand by Austen Clarke, a successful entrepreneur and property developer, has launched in the United States.

“I started Eurekly because I saw the need for an online platform that would be a one-stop-shop for all learning needs, provide a social learning environment, and allow users to connect with the student in them,” said Founder of Eurekly, Austen Clarke.

Eurekly’s all-in-one live online tutoring platform helps users find their inner student by seamlessly fitting learning into life. With over 100 subject areas, and over 600 tutors providing lessons to 2000 students from all over the world, it is also the first educational networking site, where all interactions revolve around learning and knowledge. From one-on-one live video tutoring, to shared whiteboards, text editors and screen sharing, the tutoring marketplace has all the tools necessary to facilitate a high-quality learning experience.

Through its Learning Community Programs, Eurekly is also the only educational technology platform to offer free tools that allow users to connect and engage in a Learning Exchange. The exchange functions in the same way a conventional study session with peers takes place in schools and universities everywhere. However, Eurekly allows users to find peers from around the world for these study sessions. Users can enter a virtual classroom and begin swapping knowledge with peers sharing similar interests. Whether it’s two users learning the same language who want to practice with one another, or a group of users from the same high school or state that want to study for the SAT together in a group exchange, Eurekly allows them to do so by facilitating tailored learning connections.

As the United States is a top destination for education and learning, “we are thrilled to begin focused marketing efforts in the U.S. to take advantage of the tremendous demand for access to online learning resources that are innovative, interactive and inherently social,” said Clarke.

Eurekly is in the process of moving its headquarters to San Francisco, CA, and has also kicked off its seed fundraising round of $2M, to support marketing and platform development. To date, $1.5M has been invested into the company.

About Eurekly

Eurekly, the first Global Learning Arena, is a fusion of community and marketplace, connecting tutors and students to deliver an optimal learning environment that allows users to engage, socialize and learn from one another. Democratizing knowledge across geographic and economic barriers, Eurekly transfers knowledge from where it resides to where it is needed through; Online Courses, Online Lessons and Learning Resources, at an affordable cost.