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Fauna Brings its Globally Distributed Serverless Database to the Netlify Platform

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Fauna Inc, provider of the serverless cloud database FaunaDB, today announced the integration of its popular cloud service with the Netlify Platform, making it dramatically simpler for developers to build and deploy modern stateful serverless apps. Specifically, the FaunaDB Add-on for Netlify enables users to seamlessly plug in a globally distributed datastore into their JAMstack applications and use it instantly via FaunaDB’s native GraphQL API, without any additional provisioning.

FaunaDB handles all backend data tasks such as global distribution for low-latency access, ensuring strong data correctness, user authentication for data security, delivering 24×7 availability, and transparently scaling capacity to meet application needs, with zero operational effort by the developer. As part of the integration, FaunaDB now also offers integration with Netlify OAuth, providing users single sign-on (SSO) access to their database instances via FaunaDB Cloud console or FaunaDB Shell.

The FaunaDB Add-on for Netlify extends the productivity of the serverless experience to application data, something that has been in strong demand within the JAMstack community. Serverless data eliminates all database operations, which has until now been a cumbersome, error-prone and manual effort for developers, and one that required significant upfront planning. Data is instantly available with no additional provisioning steps and without any cold starts, resulting in seamless development of serverless apps. FaunaDB’s globally distributed architecture means that data is located close to users, delivering an agile user experience for apps deployed on Netlify’s global fabric.

“The integration of FaunaDB with Netlify is a significant milestone for us, as it realizes our vision for a database as an API consumed directly from a leading serverless platform,” said Evan Weaver, CEO of Fauna. “This integration is significant for developers, who, by and large are moving to serverless platforms to build next-generation applications, yet many of them don’t have experience building and provisioning databases. FaunaDB users also benefit because they can now build an app with a full-featured version of FaunaDB and easily deploy it on the Netlify platform.”

FaunaDB: Filling the Database Gap for Netlify Users

As adoption of serverless computing grows, Netlify has seen steady growth in demand and now has more than 600,000 users on its platform given the ease of use and ability to offload configuration, scaling and content delivery. Through the end-to-end integration with FaunaDB, Netlify users can now create serverless database instances from within the Netlify Platform (including Netlify Dev) and log in to FaunaDB Cloud Console with their Netlify account credentials.

“Netlify enables developers to simplify their build workflow and deploy sites and apps at global scale. A frequent request from our customers has been for an infinitely scalable cloud database to augment the Netlify developer experience,” said Netlify CEO Matt Biilmann. “Now our users can use FaunaDB as a stateful backend for their apps with no additional provisioning. They can also test and iterate within FaunaDB’s generous free tier, and transparently scale as the project achieves critical mass. The new FaunaDB Add-on is a great enhancement to our platform.”

With the FaunaDB Add-on for Netlify, users have access to a wide range of functions and benefits:

  • Instantly create a FaunaDB database instance from within the Netlify development environment.
  • Query data via GraphQL or use Fauna Query Language (FQL) for complex functions.
  • Access data in multiple models including relational, document, graph and temporal.
  • Avail the full range of FaunaDB’s capabilities including built-in authentication, transparent scalability and multi-tenancy.
  • Log in to a FaunaDB account with existing Netlify credentials via OAuth.
  • Manage database instances created via the Add-on through FaunaDB Console as well as FaunaDB Shell for hassle-free use.

About Fauna

Fauna empowers developers to build modern apps fearlessly, without the constraints stemming from old guard databases, via FaunaDB, a globally distributed serverless database that offers global low-latency access to both relational and document data, without sacrificing consistency. FaunaDB features native support for GraphQL, built-in authentication and transparent autoscaling of throughput. Developers looking to build rich applications in the cloud look to FaunaDB as the de facto data platform for speed and ease. Founded in 2012 by the team that scaled Twitter, Fauna is based in San Francisco and Boston, and funded by Point72 Ventures, CRV, Data Collective, and Quest Venture Partners, with strategic investment from GV (formerly Google Ventures, a division of Alphabet), Capital One Growth Ventures, and LINE Corporation. For more information visit or follow us at @fauna.