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Fauna Expands Executive Team With Enterprise Talent From AWS and Okta

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Fauna, the data API for client-serverless applications, today announced that it has expanded its leadership team with the addition of two enterprise veterans hailing from AWS and Okta. Tyson Trautmann, former General Manager with AWS, joins as Fauna Vice President of Engineering. Additionally, Hassen Karaa, previously Okta’s Vice President, Product Management, has joined Fauna as Vice President, Product.

The announcement comes on the heels of $27M in new funding Fauna recently received from Madrona Venture Group, with participation from ADDITION and GV, along with the appointment of former Okta executive Eric Berg as CEO and Microsoft veteran Bob Muglia as chairman of the board. The addition of Trautmann and Karaa to executive management further establishes the company’s momentum as it seizes the market opportunity as the data API that enables developers to simplify code, reduce costs and ship faster. Fauna was named a top cloud infrastructure startup by prominent venture capitalists in Business Insider in July of this year.

With the client-serverless model becoming the architecture of choice for building new mobile and SaaS applications, Fauna has seen its user community expand to more than 25,000 developers.

“Enterprise developers are rapidly adopting serverless technologies to underpin their next generation of applications and expect their database to be serverless as well,” said Eric Berg, CEO of Fauna. “I am very excited to welcome Tyson and Hassen to the Fauna team. They bring a deep excellence in their respective functions and successful track records defining, operating, and scaling enterprise-class services that both delight developers and make enterprise customers wildly successful.”

As General Manager for AWS, Trautmann led the teams responsible for AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy, services that automate software and infrastructure release processes for customers. Prior to that he was an engineering leader at Riot Games and Microsoft.

Before joining Fauna, Karaa helped grow Okta and its products to scale, and was part of the team that led Okta to become a public company with $650M in revenue. Prior to that, he spent several years as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

Fauna: Completing the Stack for the Client-Serverless Paradigm

With its API-centric approach to databases, FaunaDB creates a simpler and more direct path for developers to quickly go from idea to execution in building and shipping an application. Free from manual resource provisioning, sharding, capacity planning and more, developers can focus on the applications instead of operating database infrastructure.

“My experience working with customers at Amazon made it clear to me that developers want to invest in their business and not their infrastructure,” said Trautmann. “Existing databases don’t solve this; they force customers to either think about scaling or bake complex logic into their applications. FaunaDB is a game changer because it is truly serverless, allowing customers to focus on the things that matter.”

FaunaDB’s globally distributed data and compute engine future-proofs applications with advanced capabilities such as ACID transactions, temporality, and cloud-native security that are critical to a digital business. It enables developers to build new applications faster, as well as modernize existing systems to improve scale and reduce operational complexity.

“Fauna is enabling a major shift in application architecture much in the same way Okta did with the move to the cloud,” said Karaa. “The client-serverless wave will revolutionize application development well into the future, and Fauna is at the forefront of that revolution. I am very excited to be part of this team.”

About Fauna

Fauna is the data API for client-serverless applications. With Fauna, developers can simplify code, reduce costs, and ship faster by replacing their entire database infrastructure with a highly productive, programmable, yet operations-free data API that combines the ease of GraphQL with the power of custom business logic, and is powered by a modern, globally distributed storage and compute platform.

Innovators like Nextdoor, Hannon Hill, ShiftX and Matter Supply trust Fauna to power their applications. Backed by premier venture investors Madrona Venture Group, ADDITION, GV, and CRV, Fauna is a 100% remote organization with an experienced leadership team hailing from Microsoft, Okta, Twitter, Elastic, Juniper and Oracle. For more information visit or follow us at @fauna.