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FDA Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccine Clears Way for Primary.Health to Support Mass Vaccinations Programs

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Primary.Health, a healthcare start-up that provides COVID-19 testing, vaccine and ancillary services to government agencies, educators, employers, and communities at more than 250 sites in 13 states, announced they are positioned to support organizations in need of an end-to-end software process to manage large-scale COVID-19 vaccine programs.

“The FDA’s approval of the first COVID-19 vaccine signals the beginning of the end of this pandemic,” said Andrew Kobylinksi, CEO and co-founder of Primary.Health. “Vaccination at this scale has never been done, which is why we created a software platform that helps roll out an efficient, user-friendly, state-of-the-art vaccine administration program. We put incredible effort into creating features that effectively manage limited resources, ensure vaccine is distributed in accordance with priority tiering and health equity goals, streamline the on-site administration process, remind patients to schedule their follow-up dose, and automate reporting to reduce human error.”

Primary.Health launched in the early days of the pandemic with a technology solution that operates COVID-19 testing for clients across the country. Their product offers affordable, convenient, and efficient testing which allows governments, schools and employers to safely reopen through early identification of outbreaks and real-time data analytics on take-up rates, demographic breakdowns, and capacity planning. With Primary’s COVID-19 testing and vaccination capabilities, communities can begin to resume business and educational endeavors in a safe manner.

“Our software platform is supporting government partners, schools and colleges, healthcare systems, and employers with managing their COVID-19 testing and we’re thrilled to extend our platform to encompass vaccinations. Primary.Health is here to help organizations organize, manage and administer vital COVID-19 services so they can begin protecting our front-line healthcare workers, elderly residents, and eventually millions of Americans,” said Kobylinski.

Primary.Health is actively supporting the testing of thousands of participants each day. The company’s technology provides patients with a method to schedule their collections and manage their test results using a simple online requisition process and integrated user interface. Similarly, Primary will be a crucial part of managing the full-scale vaccination processes, including scheduling, logistics and data transfers for organizations across the country as vaccine doses become available.

About Primary.Health

Primary provides end-to-end solutions for workforce and community health by enabling testing at scale through government agencies, employers, and community partners. For participants, Primary simplifies and expedites everything from test scheduling to result delivery while adapting to participant needs. Primary is meeting the demand for fast, reliable health initiatives as we pursue a sense of normalcy in an uncertain world.