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Federos and Technology Partners Unveil New Catalyst Project for Digital Transformation World 2019

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the leading provider of digital service assurance solutions for
telecommunications service providers, managed service providers and
enterprises, today announced their participation in the 2019 TM Forum
Catalyst Program. Collaborating with leading service providers and
technology partners, the project aims to demonstrate an innovative,
robust and holistic approach to the discovery and resolution of service
issues using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

The catalyst project, titled AI LEAP (Machine Learning, Event Analytics,
Automation, Prediction), has been developed in partnership with Galileo
Software (a Federos company), Arago and Wavelength Communications and
championed by AT&T, British Telecom and Orange. The solution will be
showcased at Digital Transformation World, the industry’s most
influential media, entertainment and technology show in Nice next week.

”The complexity of communications networks continues to increase with
the deployment of new services, such as software-defined wide-area
networking (SD-WAN), and new technology paradigms, such as network
functions virtualisation (NFV) and 5G,” said Tim Heywood, SVP Marketing
and Product Management at Federos. “To meet rising customer
expectations, communications service providers (CSPs) need to implement
advanced data analysis and automation of their network operations,
planning and optimisation functions. We are proud to be working closely
with our partners and champions to facilitate solutions that address
these challenges.”

The AI LEAP Catalyst explores the use of AI and machine learning to help
improve root cause analysis for event, network and service layers by
inferring undocumented inventory relationships as part of an “Active
Inventory” solution as well as performing abnormal behaviour detection,
trend analysis and predictive forecasting. Based on the cause or type of
anomaly detected in the data, the solution automatically investigates
and suggests actions to be taken to address the issue through both
supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Specifically, AI LEAP has been developed to address the following

  • Manage increasing network complexity and ability to manage a growing
    number of devices and multiple technologies (4G, 5G, IoT).
  • Drive a shift from reactive to data-driven predictive operations to
    enhance the user experience, support more agile service creation and
    optimise operating costs.
  • Ease onboarding of new capabilities and components, such as event data
    analytics, AI and automation.

“Orange is very interested in the use of AI for cognitive network
automation for fault and performance management, specifically in the
area of knowledge management and decision support,” said Sophie Nachman,
Standards Project Director at Orange. “We are also looking forward to
seeing how the AI LEAP use cases focusing on inventory detection and
reconciliation will contribute to the Open Networking Automation
Platform (ONAP), Active and Available Inventory (A&AI) project, and into
TM Forum standards.”

Visit the AI LEAP catalyst kiosk in the AI Catalyst Zone at Digital
Transformation World Nice May 14-16.

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Federos’ solutions provide the ability to perform analysis using machine
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