Press release

FENIX Rising to Meet the Social Media Needs of a Wolrd in Lockdown- and Beyond

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FENIX announced today that it would ambitiously endeavor to keep all interested parties informed of its escalating progress with daily information bulletins- and videos.

Lance Ford, President & CMO observed: “We’re not here to emphasize how wonderful we are -or will be. Rather, we want people to be informed of our progress and hopefully in time, with their participation, we can indeed become a platform worthy of the world’s attention.”

Will Nunziata, a New York City based director of theatre, film, and television (and the 2019 recipient of BroadwayWorld’s Best Director Award) said: “I am thrilled to have become involved with FENIX at the ground level and become its first Global Artist Ambassador. I am convinced it is rapidly on the way to becoming what so many artists have been eagerly searching for.”

Allan Klepfisz, Chairman & CEO said: “We are of course buoyed by the accelerating involvement of the global artistic community and their heartfelt support as expressed by our growing number of Global Artist Ambassadors. Their feedback in helping to perfect FENIX is invaluable. We are going to continue to work hard with them (and the friends they invite) in March and April, 2021 and then finally make the FENIX APP available to everyone shortly thereafter.“


In 2018, FENIX began building a blockchain ecosystem designed to facilitate all musicians with a dedicated following- however small or large- being able to earn a living. The principal was that FENIX should provide all revenues to the artist apart from the small percentage necessary for running the FENIX business. And that FENIX should continually create new tools for the Artist. Since that time, in what FENIX describes as an “evolution to a revolution”, FENIX has focused on making the core feature of its ecosystem- being able to build a unique, content-filled APP in 20 minutes- available to anybody as the basis for a completely new type of social media.