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Ficto Adds Broad Slate of Programming with New Partnerships Ahead of Consumer Launch

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Ficto, the first free platform built from the ground up to deliver shows explicitly for mobile streaming, today announced its expanded slate of shows that will premiere in conjunction with its consumer launch in the first quarter of 2020. In addition to its commitment to profit-sharing among its creator community, the mobile-first platform’s innovation in seamlessly infusing shows with highly interactive, engaging elements has attracted over 30 new partnerships during the fourth quarter of 2019 with brands, celebrities, and athletes.

As part of its expanded cohort of shows, Ficto will introduce a new interactive program category, including a slate featuring dating, courtroom, scavenger hunt, daily news, and comedy shows. Ficto has partnered with BLKBX Creative Group to license both an interactive dating show, entitled ‘Date & Switch,’ as well as an interactive courtroom show, called ‘We The People.’

In conjunction with PowderKeg Media, Paul Feig’s digital content company committed to elevating underrepresented filmmakers who are female, LGBTQ creators and/or of color, Ficto has licensed ‘East of La Brea,’ which premiered at SXSW earlier this year. In all, 22 female filmmakers are behind Ficto’s initial cohort of programming set for launch. Additionally, the platform has a new a millennial-focused presidential campaign trail series in the works following volunteers who work in competing grassroots organizations.

“Since the public introduction of Ficto, we have witnessed an amazing response and steady groundswell of support from Hollywood professionals, emerging independents and established consumers brands who share this common interest in creating content for our platform,” shared Mike Esola, Ficto Founder and CEO. “We’re excited to work with these accomplished, influential creatives and brands to bring a whole new entertainment experience to viewers – with a level of authentic engagement, unique interactivity, and ubiquitous access that consumers expressively want but just can’t find in their streaming options today.”

In the sports docuseries genre, Ficto has partnered with Steel Wool Media Entertainment and USA Surfing, the official United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA), to debut Represent, a docuseries based on the journey of top US Olympic hopefuls in the lead up to Tokyo. Featuring an in-depth view of what the first-ever inclusion of surfing in the Olympics means for the sport, it is directed by Justin Jung and produced by Bradford Simpson. Separately, Ficto has partnered with CityLights to premiere “Enhance,” a docuseries that chronicles how technology pushes the limits with athletes. NFL MVP Award recipient, Patrick Mahomes, will be featured in the first run of episodes.

“More than ever, brand storytelling has steadily grown as a critical aspect for any company that seeks to expand market share while also strengthening brand affinity among existing customers. They’ve quickly found that visual storytelling platforms, like Ficto, offer unique distribution and interactivity for creators and brands to build awareness and directly engage with their customers,” said Annie Turkel, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Ficto. “We’re already seeing early adopters among beverage, auto and cosmetic brands who are getting involved not just in sponsorship but in creation and production to develop authentic, impactful content that truly connects with and invigorates like-minded viewers.”

Ficto will premiere more than 50 shows at its launch in early 2020. In the meantime, Ficto’s Curated Submission Platform is available to content creators while the company also continues to finance and produce original series to also premiere at launch. Additionally, Ficto will be showcasing its platform at upcoming technology and entertainment events, including CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the 5th Annual Brand Storytelling Summit in Park City as well as both the Sundance Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festival, Brand Storytelling Elevate, SXSW and others.

About Ficto

Based in Los Angeles, Ficto is a free streaming service that offers interactive shows produced for mobile. It optimizes vertical and horizontal viewing while providing transparent metrics and meaningful revenue share. Ficto embraces independent and under-represented artists throughout the world.