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Fidelity Launches First ESG ETF on NEO

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is proud to welcome Fidelity Investments Canada ULC (“Fidelity”) to the
NEO family with the launch of the Fidelity Sustainable World ETF (NEO:FCSW),
which began trading today on NEO. The new fund, which leverages a
quantitative multi-factor model and seeks to identify and invest in
global companies that are believed to have favourable environmental,
social and governance (ESG), is the first NEO-listed ETF from Fidelity
and Fidelity’s first ETF to exclusively employ ESG strategies.

“As sustainable investing continues to gain momentum, we are excited
to offer our clients the opportunity to align their investments with
their values. The Fidelity Sustainable World ETF is a global
multi-factor equity strategy that uses a best-in-class approach to
invest in companies with favourable ESG characteristics,”
Andrew Clee, Vice President, ETFs at Fidelity Investments Canada ULC.
“We are excited to begin our partnership with NEO as we launch our first
ESG ETF. NEO supports and delivers innovation within Canada’s capital
markets while offering outstanding client service – we look forward to
growing our relationship with them in the years to come.”

Fidelity is the fourteenth and newest fund provider to list products on

We are proud to welcome Fidelity to the NEO family and embrace a
forward-thinking listing partner that values the importance of ESG
said Erik Sloane, Head of Sales, NEO. “As the first
Canadian exchange to partner with the
Stock Exchanges Initiative
, we understand NEO plays an
important role in fostering greater awareness of ESG factors across the
whole investment spectrum, and how relevant they are in the
capital markets. Welcoming yet another industry leader to our exchange
is a testament to the benefits of and continued need for competition in
Canadian capital markets.”

The NEO Exchange is now home to over 70 corporate and ETF listings, and
consistently facilitates over 10 per cent of all Canadian trading
volume. Click
for a complete view of all NEO-listed securities. Free
real-time quotes for the Fidelity Sustainable World ETF are available here.

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