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Fieldwire Announces Custom Task Statuses to Help Users Streamline Work in the Field and the Office

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Fieldwire, a field-first solution for the construction industry, has announced a new layer of customization, allowing users to configure their own workflows for punch, QA/QC, safety inspections, and more.

By giving users the power to create workflows that match their existing processes, Fieldwire is letting craftspeople decide how they want to use the platform, not the other way around.

“Up until today, the construction industry was required to follow the fixed workflows provided to them by technology vendors,” said Yves Frinault, Fieldwire’s CEO.

“Now, users of Fieldwire can configure these workflows to fit their processes perfectly.”

Power Design, an ENR Top Specialty Contractor and one of the nation’s leading design-build firms, is configuring workflows to efficiently schedule and track work-in-progress (WIP) tasks.

“It’s allowed us to standardize and consolidate multiple processes on one tool. As a result, we’ve reduced our WIP tracker set-up time from seven hours down to three,” said John Hogeland, Business Analyst at Power Design.

“This amounts to 10,000 hours over an 18-month period — valuable time our PEs and PMs can spend in the field doing the work their Supers and Foremen need them to do.”

In addition to today’s announcement, Fieldwire will update its user permission levels, giving everyone the ability to track and prove their work.

“The roll-out of custom task statuses with flexible user permissions was the natural next step for a leading field management solution. Moving forward, we will continue to innovate to stay ahead as the highest-rated construction app for the field. In the end, it’s about making life easier for the men and women on the jobsite,” said Yves.

By focusing on the field first, Fieldwire is deeply changing the way construction works from the ground up.

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