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FileCloud Announces New Fine-Grained Notification Support In Its Enterprise File Services Platform to Eliminate Notification Fatigue

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With every ping, buzz or banner on devices calling for our attention, it’s a wonder anyone can get work done at all. That’s why FileCloud rebuilt its notification system from scratch in its latest version of its enterprise file sharing and sync platform. The focus of the new design is to eliminate distractions and offer only the important notifications the users like to receive.

With FileCloud, users can now personalize the notifications they receive when something occurs on their folders or files. Every detail is now customizable, from the types of notifications per user and per folder to the time interval between notifications. FileCloud users can now keep track of important changes without having their concentration interrupted with constant reminders.

“People get overwhelmed with notifications; it’s a big problem with any type of collaborative software,” said Madhan Kanagavel, FileCloud’s founder and CEO. “FileCloud’s easy-to-control notifications offer the freedom to choose what you want to see and enables you to focus on the work that matters most.”

Because most organizations use Microsoft Office for daily professional and personal needs, FileCloud has always heavily prioritized Office integrations—and this update is no exception. With built-in Microsoft Office tag support, users can now import Office tags into FileCloud and seamlessly search by them.

In addition to more than 500 minor product improvement and fixes, the latest FileCloud includes these major new features:

  • Automatic Team Folder Permission Updates: Updates are applied when the folder syncs so that no one can access secure data at any point during the syncing process.
  • ServerLink Enhancements: ServerLink, FileCloud’s geographically distributed multi-site enterprise file sharing solution, added improved status reporting and instant folder creation.
  • SMS Integration & Gateways: FileCloud seamlessly integrates with custom SMS gateways to enhance security and convenience.
  • Integration with Multiple Identity Providers (IdP): FileCloud integrates with multiple identity providers, a significant concern when supporting large enterprises.

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