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FinancialForce PSA Enables Aquient to Efficiently Manage Projects, Avoid Unprofitable Engagements, and Improve Customer Satisfaction

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FinancialForce, the leading customer-centric ERP and #1 professional services automation (PSA)* business suite, today announced that professional services firm Aquient has transformed its project planning and achieved 100% ROI using FinancialForce PSA.

Since its founding in 2018, Aquient has doubled in size annually, working in numerous industries to help clients create a seamless customer experience across digital touchpoints. Team members previously managed projects using an array of tools, including spreadsheets. To support its aggressive growth plans, the company needed a better, more unified system for managing professional services engagements.

“Using spreadsheets, it took hours to determine things like resource allocation and project schedules,” said Jimmy Storrier, CEO and Managing Director of Aquient. “Now, with FinancialForce PSA, those meetings take just 30 minutes. That means we have more time to focus on the client engagement and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

As a partner, Aquient required a PSA system that works seamlessly with Salesforce, and FinancialForce PSA was the natural choice. “Because it is built natively on Salesforce, FinancialForce PSA has actually changed our culture,” said Storrier. “Now, our sales team proactively thinks about how to make projects more successful and not just how to get the contract signed. There are no silos anymore because everyone is looking at the business holistically.”

FinancialForce PSA also gives Aquient the ability to see early on if a project is potentially going off course. By standardizing how projects are planned, executed, and reported on, Aquient can be confident that project managers are profitably guiding projects to completion on time and within budget. This ability to course correct midstream and get projects back on track has resulted in an ROI of more than 100%.

Another major benefit is the ability to accurately forecast revenue while putting an end to revenue leakage. With FinancialForce PSA, Aquient now has real-time views into project schedules and resources, so it can better understand what its revenue will be and how to best allocate resources. Storrier can run a revenue forecast every week for his management meeting. And, just by clicking a button, he can see how much the company is projected to earn over the next quarter, and the quarter after that. This enables management to make better decisions and allocate resources as needed.

“If you are a growing professional services organization, FinancialForce PSA provides the cost reduction, efficiency and ROI you need to successfully scale your business,” says Storrier.

Going forward, Aquient plans to go deeper into FinancialForce PSA analytics and extract even more value from the platform by doing its own customizations. Aquient is finding that the more it uses the platform, the more opportunities it is finding to improve the business.

“We are thrilled that Aquient has eliminated project overages and revenue leakage by choosing FinancialForce PSA,” said Scott Bajtos, Chief Customer Officer at FinancialForce. “Rather than simply managing project resourcing, FinancialForce makes it possible for Aquient to automate and improve end-to-end project management. By taking the guesswork out of project management, Aquient can quickly and confidently move projects forward while delivering a higher level of customer service.”

Aquient will share their experiences during the FFX Summit panel entitled, “Supercharge Growth & Innovation with Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics,” on June 22. Registration for FFX Virtual Summit is still open.

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*Most adopted PSA solution in SPI Research’s 2021 PS Maturity™ Benchmark; most adopted PSA solution by Technology Services Industry Association in 2020; leader in IDC MarketScape for Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Finance and Accounting Applications, 2020; #1 Enterprise and Mid-Market PSA and leader in Accounting by G2.